Brief History of JIU-JITSU

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known as one of the extreme and effective sports created for self-defense. BJJ is a form of one of the popular sport martial arts and just like that it BJJ mostly emphasize upon grappling and ground fighting rather than punching and standing.

The major aim of JIU-JITSU is to control the opponent’s body movements, make you in a superior and dominant position. BJJ focuses on different series of techniques which include sparring, grappling, rolling and tackling with the goal to gain more physical advantage and dominant over your opponent so that they can surrender themselves.

The basic philosophy behind this sport is that the person who attacks with the larger frame should have some serious skills and techniques to defend themselves. Furthermore, the best thing about BJJ is that a weaker combatant can dominant the stronger one only if he or she has the necessary skills.

History of Brazilian JIU-JITSU:

BJJ first came into existence is the early 1990s and since its introduction, it has gained an immense amount of popularity not only in Brazil but in various parts of the world. As we have discussed above, BJJ is derived from a martial arts family. BJJ was initially known as JJJ (Japanese JIU JITSU) because it was initially introduced in Japan. After sometime when the chief of a Japanese immigration colony Esai Maeda moved to Brazil, he started his own academy there and tough and shared his skills to the locals, as the time goes on the JJJ becoming popular in all over Brazil and people start calling it BJJ which means Brazilian JIU-JITSU.

BJJ is not only a popular choice for men, but women and children could also take part in this and can also become a professional BJJ combatant. This is one of the sports in which everyone can participate without any gender or age restrictions.

Gears Which Is Required in BJJ:

Like many other sports, BJJ also requires some gears without which you won’t be able to learn a single move. Here are some important gears which every JIU-JITSU fighter must have.

  • A Proper White BJJ GI:

The first important gear without which you won’t be able to enter the academy is a BJJ GI. Gi is like a uniform of this sport and will need to have a perfectly fit Gi where you can perform all the moves comfortably. A proper BJJ GI consists of a trouser with a coat and a belt which helps you to hold your whole dress. BJJ Gi should be neat and clean because 50% of the confidence comes with the attire you are wearing. If it is proper and clean than your opponent will have a fear that the person who is competing with it is not a newbie.

  • Long Sleeve Rash Guard:

The second most important gear which a JIU-JITSU fighter must have is a rash guard. Sweating is part of every game and is normal too but in this sport, sweating could be dangerous for you. As we know JIU-JITSU is all about grappling but you have sweat on your palm and body than you cannot easily have a grip of your opponent and they can dominate you and can even win the match. Rash guard soaks all your sweat and keeps you dry. Other than that rash guard protects you from rashes and mat burn which is also common when you are performing ground moves.

  • Fighting Shorts:

Fighting shorts is must buy gear and helps you a lot when you are grappling. Moreover, it will make you dry and helps you performing high moves comfortably. Always buy a baggy short in which you can perform your moves easily.

  • Mouth Guard:

Do you like to replace your original teeth with artificial teeth? Obviously, none of us will want to do it. If you don’t want an appointment with orthodontist then always wear a mouth guard while you are on a playing field of JIU-JITSU. The face is the primary area of injury and the thing which is more at risk is your teeth. A mouth guard is very important and can protect your lips, teeth, and plate from getting involved in an injury.