Social Media Marketing To Boost Your Online Presence

Visiting Thailand in order to learn Muay Thai is the dream of every committed practitioner all over the world. With the help of social media, individuals can now easily realize their dreams. Most owners of the training camp are too focused on their website when conducting an online marketing campaign. However, SMM is essential if you want to increase your organic traffic exponentially. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to create an active community that will engage with your brand.

Social Media Platforms That You Can Use When Marketing Muay Thai

Here are some of the most popular platforms that you can utilize on your online marketing campaign. We discourage you from using too many social media platforms. It is better to build your followers in one platform before proceeding to the next possible medium.


Facebook has got to be one of the most popular social media sites. It is the most powerful tool that you can use to market your Muay Thai training camp. With more than 1 billion active users using the site every month, this is indeed the largest market. There are a large number of possible customers waiting to be discovered. However, the sheer number of users can also be seen as a disadvantage since it will be a struggle to find your targeted customers. Fortunately, there are ways on how you can reach out to them. Start by creating your Facebook page which is the tool that you will use to promote your Thailand business online. You may also want to check the paid advertisement of Facebook to build your lead list. Take advantage of this feature that will not only boost your visibility but also widen your customer base and improve your company’s revenue.


While the number of users in Twitter is significantly lower compared to Facebook, it is still an effective social media platform that can boost the people’s awareness about Muay Thai. Based on the study, at least 500 million of tweets are posted on a daily basis. It has an active community which makes it an ideal medium for your online advertising campaign. The average users will spend at least 3 hours/month in posting, reading posts. When using this for your SMM campaign, you need to update your followers constantly. Originally, companies are posting 3 tweets per day. However, with the increase amount of tweets that are sent on a daily basis, it would be better to post 3 tweets per hour.

You should also check other social media platforms when conducting an SMM campaign. LinkedIn is the best portal to develop your sales lead. It allows you to connect to your potential clients and partner in the industry. Google My Business is also a great tool to help you boost the online presence of your training camp such as . Yelp may also contribute to the level of awareness on your business. It allows your previous and existing customers to post reviews about your business. Social media and internet has contributed to the success of the Muay Thai industry in Thailand.