Secrets To A Successful Online Store

There’s more than just a handful of online stores today that are vying for your attention. In fact, both small and large businesses are using online shopping carts to entice your shopping passion. Consumers immediately know when a site isn’t working for their needs, however. A slow-loading page or missing item on a list will only encourage visitors to look for another website. Avoid those lost sales by creating a successful online store with just a few tips and tricks.


A Look Unlike the Others

Your online store cannot look like a mirror image of another site. Customers move between websites with amazing speed, and they will notice the similarities. Your store should have most of the common items, such as a search section and basic categories, but that’s where the similarities stop. The colors, fonts, images and text will all have a unique appearance that defines your company. Customers who scroll down the page will still recall the company’s name by just the color and style of the website itself.

Easy Navigation

Don’t make the pages challenging by locating the site’s navigation in unusual areas. Use tabs at the top of the website so that users can simply click through the information. Hiding the different categories at the bottom of the page or along a right-hand margin is frustrating for users, and they will navigate off the page in response. Make your contact and about-us pages very clear on the top or bottom of the home page. Consumers always want to know who is running the site so that they understand the services and products in question.

Advanced Features are Expected

You may want simplicity on your website, but don’t skimp on every detail. Your customers will expect some advanced items, such as enlarged photos and recently viewed sections. Although a web designer will charge extra for these details, they’ll pay out when customers flock to the site. Everyone wants to be able to see a product up close, especially on older computers. An enlarged view only increases sales, so the extra features are worth the investment. In addition, customers who see their previously reviewed items on a constant basis are more likely to buy them in the end.

Partnering With the Perfect Designer

A reputable web designer is the only pathway to a successful online business. These professionals will often have packages where they will provide a concept, layout and possible revisions to the work. Pick a designer that has some flexibility with their artistic vision. Your online shopping cart will reflect this vision and expertise as customers click their way to a new product or service.

Your online store will require some server space with your host. Ideally, lease enough server space so that you have some room for growth. Limiting the space will only cause issues down the road when many customers suddenly fill their carts. Preparing for growth while remaining conservative is the best way to create a smart online business.