New Google Maps for iOS, Mac Chime acquires trademark, the debut of iPhone 5 in China, and patent news

Google Maps returns

Google Maps returns

Google Maps returns

There are quite a few things going around Apple, and here is a round up on all the latest happenings. At times, when Apple was busy repairing its Maps app, good news came from Google with the launch of the latest Maps application for iOS platform this week. It is gathering good reviews and it is claimed to be fast, free, and even far-fetched. The app feature turn-by-turn audible navigation with great accuracy. This feature was not present in its predecessor, which make the new app even more popular.

Less lively welcome for iPhone 5

As far as Apple’s debut inChinais concerned, it went a little wrong, as the welcome was not as lively as it was for its predecessor iPhone 4S. Few people were seen outside the new Apple store, which is located in Sanlitun shopping district, a very popular place inBeijing. After this not so warm welcome inChina, some of the sources even says that the new iPhone 5 might not do well like iPhone 4S. However, the reaction is different from different sides. Some are of the view that the new reservation system introduced by Apple was the main reason behind the fewer lines outside the stores.

Earlier on the release of iPhone 4S, consumers rioted the stores for grabbing the phone, so the new reservation system was put into place. Another reason that experts feel is behind the less crowd outside the stores is that Apple this time is selling the iPhone 5 through double the point of sales, as compared to iPhone 4S. Another fact that seems to be on Apple’s side is that the pre-orders for the phone went up to 300 k, as compared to 200k pre-orders placed when iPhone 4S was launched in China.

New trademark for Mac Startup Chime

Another piece of news from the world of Apple is that it has acquired trademark for Mac startup chime. This chime is the same sound that users hear when they boot their system and the symbol turns up. This sound is the same sound that is featured in Wall E, in which it Wall E makes this sound after getting a solar fix. The trademark for the chime describes the startup chime, which seems to be offbeat, as the mark, which comprise of a synthesizer playing a flat G Flat/F Sharp major chord. This means that the mark or the sound is not only symbolically offbeat, but it is offbeat in reality as well.

Patent news

The week was not good for Apple, as after a lot of argument in the court, the jury finally arrived at the decision that Apple infringed three patents, which MobileMedia Ideas held. This is one of the holding companies of Sony and Nokia and it owns over three hundred patents. The patents, which Apple is said to have infringed was associated with the features of call rejection, call handling, and camera. The damages are not determined yet. So, this week did not turn out well for Apple in court.