Internet Directory: An Easy Way to Promote Your Link

When you think of a directory for listing your website for promotional purpose, it’s hard to choose the best among so many options. Your website’s listing in a web directory matters a lot in promotional aspects. If your website is listed in the best directory it will achieve higher page rankings as compared to those that are listed in average directories.

Web site owners who wish to expand their market should look for an internet directory which could help them in getting natural page ranks to increase their list of followers and the number of likes for their web page.

Get Natural Page Ranks with Web Directories


Everyone wants to be at the top in this inevitable world. Each one of us wants to achieve the highest rank possible. Although it’s not possible for everyone to be at the top, there is always a single champion. If you want your website to be the top search result in any search engine then go to these web directories. Here you get a chance to be among the top search results on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization has always been an important source for promoting your website. But these search engines don’t accept websites with fake page ranks. Those websites that achieve high page ranks through natural methods are considerably given priorities. Now how do you think these search engines get to know that your website page rank is real or fake? It’s nothing difficult to know. If your website has got more than thousand likes or hits on the first day after it was published then it will surely be a fake one. No local website could get so many hits on the first day. For getting natural page ranking, start with a few hits on the first day and gradually increase the number of visitors in the coming days.

How Are Web Directories Useful?

The best way to increase your page ranking and achieve a natural page rank is to use web directories. Once you register your website on a good web directory you’ll surely get high natural page ranks. These directories sort you out of the problem to visit your website again and again to increase your page rank.

These online directories are often free of charge but some directories that are considered the best and which list the best websites over the year charge a few bucks for registering your website in the directory. They may even ask for monthly or yearly fee during the process. These fees may vary according to the quality of the web directory and the service provided. These prices may range from $45 to $300+. You need to choose the best plan that suits your needs.

Promo codes

The high price has not been a serious issue in this modern world. Almost every company is providing customers with coupon codes that give special discount offers. Many web directories provide botid coupon which gives 5% off on every registration. These coupons are provided by the best of the internet directory services and could help you in listing your website to the best web directory at the cheapest price available.