How To Make Your Website Viral On Twitter

Twitter is a nice platform to use for your website marketing. In fact, you can use Twitter to make your website viral on the internet. Viral marketing is the best way to attract more traffic to your website. And you can do it easily with Twitter. Here are 5 tips to make your website viral on Twitter:

1.Use The Power Of Retweet

Retweet is a unique feature on Twitter that you should use wisely. Think about it. If 10-20% of your Twitter followers retweet your tweet, what will happen? Their retweet will be broadcasted to their followers, meaning that you will get big popularity quickly. In 12001077_s return, their followers will retweet your tweet as well. This makes your tweet go viral. But, how to make people willing to retweet your tweet? It’s simple. You should offer something valuable to your followers and ask them to retweet your tweet.

2.Use The Trending Topics

Trending topics can also help you to market your website on Twitter. Trending topics mean topics that are being tweeted mostly by Twitter users around the world. When you click on the trending topic on Twitter, you’ll see streams of tweets being published by Twitter users around the world. To make your website viral, you just need to include the trending topic in your tweet. In this way, your tweet will appear in the stream as well. More or less, this will help you to attract people to follow you.

3.Use Funny Image

Post a funny image in your Twitter account and entertain your followers a little bit. If it’s interesting enough, they will spread the word about it. This is a good strategy to make your tweet worth retweeting. Many people are looking for interesting things in their Twitter stream, and if you come up with funny image, people will be excited about it.

4.Mention Your Followers

Constant interaction with your followers will help your website to go viral on Twitter. Why? That’s because people can see your mention in your Twitter page. If you can interact with your followers regularly, their mention on you will be displayed in their Twitter page as well. What does it mean? It means that the followers of your followers will consider following you if your interaction is good enough to stir their curiosity. This will in turn attract more potential traffic to your website.

5.Give Something For Free With Hashtag

Create your own hashtag and make it viral. The trick is to give something for free in your website and inform your Twitter followers to use your own hashtag. For instance, you can give discount or special deal like “buy one get one free”. If you own an ecommerce website, it would be very helpful to boost your sales as well. Give special hashtag name for your promotion. This will attract lots of interest from your audience. It will also tend to spread quickly on Twitter.

Those are 5 tips to make your website viral on Twitter. Follow the tips above if you want to use Twitter as a tool to make your website more popular.

About the Author:

Bogdan Stevanovic is the CEO and Technical Director of evevo Ltd, a UK based Internet Marketing Company, offering SEM and SEO services to both global and local organisations. Evevo have been a leading SEO company for the past 4 years, with head offices based in London, UK. Having over 6 years’ experience within the industry, Bogdan regularly contributes to some of the industry’s leading forums and blogs.