How to Choose Video Game Apps for Your Kids

Children absolutely love apps and there are a number of apps that can be very educational for children of all ages. However, just like video games for the PlayStation or Xbox, some video game apps are not suited for children. The good news is you can find apps that are perfect for your child. Whether you consider the content rating or what the game offers, you can easily choose video game apps for your kids.
Video Game Apps for Your Kids

Determine What Type of Games You Want for Your Child

Do you want to teach your child something or do you just want her to be entertained for a few minutes? In some cases, you can find games that will do both. Sit down and make a small list of what you want the app to offer before you start looking for video game apps for your kids.

Get Advice About Specific Games

If you’re not sure where to start, search out articles that offer advice on apps for kids. Parenting magazines usually feature articles on this topic as do online websites devoted to parenting. Once you find a few suggestions, you’ll get recommendations about others games through whatever app source you use. You may also want to consider games your children are interested. For example, my kids are into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because of the movie coming out next year (you can find more about that here); so I asked others about TMNT apps and games that were age appropriate for my child.

Check the Content Rating

The content rating is the same as what you’ll see used on other video games and movies. Instead of a letter rating, most apps are rated using words that are easy to understand, such as highly mature content. Most apps list the content rating in the description of the app.

Read the Reviews

Reviews are another great way to find video game apps for your kids. If you stumble across a game you think your child will like, read the reviews before spending money on it. Reviews from other parents can warn you that the game is boring or too complicated for a certain age range. Some reviewers even include what their children had to say about the app.

Play the Game Before Handing It Over to Your Child

Last, but not least, content ratings and reviews aren’t foolproof. Take the time to play the game before letting your child play it. There may be content in the game that you feel is inappropriate. You can also determine if the game offers the right skills to help teach a certain subject. Not to mention that you might even have fun playing the game.
Video game apps are available for children of all ages. Whether you want a game that’s just for fun or want something educational, you can find great apps for your kids.