How To Assess Call Center Outsourcing Companies?

How To Assess Call Center Outsourcing Companies?

As call centers are the major operational frontline for a number of companies globally, they demand a close check to identify their efficiency to adequately offer service and support to callers.

A common but crucial question arises always; “How to evaluate your call center outsourcer company?”

The questions “what to outsource” and “why to outsource” has already been explained from time to time. A more imperative question stands to be answered is “who to outsource?”

If you do not choose the ideal outsourcing company, business operations may go non-productive or even slip downwards. So, here are 5 pertaining aspects that you should keep in mind while looking for a partner for your business:

Look Ahead

While looking for the outsourcer, you might choose the vendor that seems to provide you the lowest quote. But, what happens once the contract is signed?

Few outsourcing companies and their customers get confused in the multiple interpretations of the contract, which in turn leads to hampering of the project. It is quite possible that the outsourcing company do not have a diligent professional for you to reach in case of conflicts related to the agreement.

For this, it is necessary that you search for a company that will offer you with channels for containing conflicting viewpoints. Choose an outsourcer, which is willing to take feedback on a timely basis and is open to any changes in your business requirements.

Prevent cultural conflicts

The world is becoming smaller. In this sort of global world, the key ingredient for your business to succeed is unifying the working style of units that may be placed in different countries or time-zones.

As a business owner, always ensure to choose an external vendor that understands your requirements quite clearly, not only in terms of output but also in terms of project in-hand. An outsourcing company that provides flexibility and dynamism allowing you to swiftly respond to quickly transforming the business environment, will offer you the growth you are looking for.

If a customer receives a bad service from professionals hired by your outsourcer, then he/she will hold your company responsible for his/her dissatisfaction. An ideal outsourcing company is often quite open to critical feedback from you and your callers.

Pursue your Instincts

Customers who have experienced an unpleasant service from offshore often reported that they did not feel good about the company from the beginning itself. It might happen that during your first interaction with the outsourcers’ representative or while visiting their website for the first time, you may feel ‘something is not right’.

You might not be able to pinpoint the exact issue bothering you, but you may have that lingering feeling of “this is not what I wanted”. It seldom happens that a bad beginning in partnership is converted to a successful long-term relationship.

Professionalism, on the other hand, makes a strong first impression. Make sure to partner with such companies who can offer a sense of comfort that aids amazingly in the long run.

History of the outsourcer

Professor J. Richard Gott gives a life estimation model, which states that call center firms that have stayed long enough in the business tend to survive longer. Evidently, well-known companies have a higher probability to be a dependable partner than new ventures.

Hence, the time a company is been in business is a quite fair parameter to assess the ‘reliability’ or ‘trust –factor’ of for long-term partnership. To get aid in making or reinforcing decisions, make sure to discuss past projects, experience, success, and failures with your outsourcer.

Think beyond cost

Few or more call center firms provide you extremely low bids but they may not have the required manpower and allied resources to deliver on what they promise. It is quite a possibility that these firms may not have understood the resource requirement for the in-hand project or simply that they may have overestimated their efficiency.

There is a pretty solid reason that some reputed call center outsourcing companies charge high prices over their competition. Also, the companies that have stayed long enough in this cut-throat competition by going through self-assessment have proof of why they survive all this time. Thus, choosing experience over price is quite wise for your business.


Implementing the above-mentioned factors may get you to the ideal outsourcer that offers a holistic solution to your business. Always keep in mind that choosing an external vendor firm is similar to any other business decision. It needs a blend of rational and extra-rational aspects such as intuition.