How To Activate Wifi Call On Your Mobile Phone

Activate Wifi Call On Your Mobile Phone

The Wifi call uses your mobile phone over a Wi-Fi network to make calls over the Internet, rather than using the mobile network that your phone normally does. This can be useful when you are in a situation where there is no cell signal or bad cell signal but good Wi-Fi coverage.

International travelers and people working in remote areas without mobile coverage often use Wifi calls as a replacement for making phone calls. For example, let’s say your next adventure will drive the Silk Road route to Central Asia.

How To Activate Wifi Call On Your Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone may not work in Uzbekistan. But even in remote and exotic places like Tashkent and Samarkand, cafes, hotels and restaurants have a WiFi, so you can call or send a message to your friends or family.

Since all mobile phone operators and all US smartphones have been sold in recent years, WiFi bubble support, the only thing you need to make a Wi-Fi call is a Wi-Fi connection. have a parent device, you can contact your carrier to make sure the phone supports Wi-Fi call because not all old smartphones are working.

What is WiFi Calling?

I have to point out that we speak in this blog about the native Wifi call, the functionality built into your phone. I’m not talking about using the many bubbles and messaging applications that are available.

These applications are excellent, but the type of Wi-Fi conversation it requires does not require a separate application. This is already a feature of your phone. So, except to activate Wi-Fi calls, you only need to do something else to make a call or send a text.

Best of all, the Wifi call is free. You do not need a special package or plan.

Notes on Call  Quality

For the best call quality, you want a reliable Wi-Fi connection with plenty of bandwidth available. I can tell you about the experience, if you do not have solid Wi-Fi coverage or enough bandwidth, the sound quality of your Wi-Fi calls will be affected.

The Wi-Fi call does not use a lot of data – about 1 MB per minute for phone calls and 6-8 MB per minute for video calls. And since this data on the Internet moves instead of the cellular network, they do not count against a data limit on your mobile plan.

However, the Wi-Fi call violates any other data traffic for bandwidth over the Wi-Fi network. Therefore, it is preferable to have sufficient bandwidth available.

Activate Wi-Fi on an Android phone

  • Crane settings
  • Press Advanced calls
  • and then press Enable Wi-Fi conversations
  • You are ready. Nothing can be easier!

How to activate Wi-Fi on an iPhone

  • Faucet Settings
  • Touch Phone
  • and then press Enable Wi-Fi
  • That’s it. Super easy!

Depending on the version of Android OS installed on your phone, the menu order to activate the Wi-Fi call may be different. If you check the different menus in Settings, you need to find Wi-Fi conversations without any problems.

Once your phone has activated a Wi-Fi connection, your Wi-Fi is automatically used when you connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Turn on Wifi Calling for Verizon

See “Enabling Wi-Fi for AT & T” below.

If you are sometimes in situations where you have solid Wi-Fi coverage but a weak cell signal or no cellular signal, you will probably have to try Wifi. In these situations, it can be an excellent substitute for calling or texting on the mobile network.

Turn on Wifi Calling for AT&T

The big thing is that you do not have to do it! There is no need to turn on Wi-Fi calls for a specific mobile operator. As long as the Wi-Fi call is activated on your phone and you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, the call function will work regardless of which operator you are using.
Sometimes the Wi-Fi call is not an option, but you are blocked with a weak or no cell signal. Click on the button to check the signal booster of the mobile phone that guarantee a strong and reliable cell signal!