Hardest Ninja Games Online

For gamers who play online games too often, it can be hard to find new challenges. Online games get a little similar after a while, and you start beating high scores too easily and getting through the level too fast. If you’re tired of playing games that offer you no challenge whatsoever, you need to start looking for new options. Where do you find games that are truly challenging?

Online ninja games have gained a reputation as being some of the hardest you’ll find online, but we did manage to find them on NinjaRuler. There is good reason behind the rarity of ninja games: these games are designed to challenge and stifle the experienced online gamer at every step. A good ninja game will have extremely tough levels, overwhelming fight sequences, and puzzles that seem impossible to beat. If you’re up to that kind of challenge, then here are four of the best options for you.

The Ninja Game

The Ninja Game presents itself as a fairly simple game, but don’t be fooled. This game ranks among the hardest of the genre, certainly very complicated as compared to many other online ninja games. You have to try to get through the levels within jumping onto deadly objects or being hit by projectiles—a goal that sounds simpler than it really is. Try this game out just once, and you’ll see why it’s known as one of the toughest around.

House of Dead Ninjas

House of Dead Ninjas is another game that seems deceptively easy, but which really isn’t. It’s a game where your goal is to collect points, kill bad guys, and descend deeper and deeper into the house without dying. As you go deeper, there are more and more bad guys, traps, snares, obstacles, and other problems for you to overcome. By about 100 floors deep, you’ll probably start to realize how overwhelming the game is. It’s fun, but it’s no easy game to beat.

Ninja Gaiden

This game probably shouldn’t make the list, because technically it’s not an online game, and yet it deserves a mention. It’s become well known as one of the hardest games ever created, and the fact that it’s a ninja game means that it goes on this list. You can buy it for relatively cheap if you want to try it out, or else just read reviews and check out forums to see how tough it is. Many new versions and sequels have been released, and so if you find you love this game (like you probably love the others on this list) you can try out those when you’re finished.