Get Back to the Future: 4 Every Day Gadgets You Can Connect to Wifi

You live in a truly marvelous age of advanced technology. Your dishes are washed by machines. Your floors are swept by diligent robots. Now, several of your common household items and appliances are so technologically advanced that they can connect to your Wi-Fi and be accessed by you at any time from any place.

Garage Door Openers

Everyone knows you can open and close your garage door from your car, but did you know that you could do it from your phone? Eleden Door and other companies offer garage door openers that work on your Wi-Fi network. This allows you to control it using an application on your mobile device from anywhere, whether you’re in line of sight or not. You can be in a different country and open the garage doors at your home if a family member or friend needs to get into your garage. If you forgot to close your garage door on the way to work, you can check your phone and close it from there, as well. Gaining greater control over your home’s entrances and exits like this improves your safety as well as your peace of mind.

Video Doorbells

The knock or ring from an unexpected visitor at your front door late at night can be terrifying, and most people have someone they’d like to avoid answering the door to. A video doorbell allows you to remotely view who is standing on your front porch ringing your doorbell. When the doorbell is pressed, or even if a motion sensor is activated, the camera can connect to your Wi-Fi and send a notification to your handheld smart device to notify you of someone at your door. Video doorbells are armed with high definition cameras and a variety of lens options for night vision and other security needs. They can also be set to be controlled by your voice-activated smart home assistant device, giving you total control as to who knows that you’re home and even allowing you to speak to the visitor without having to get up from the couch.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are the next evolution in smart home technology. A smart light bulb provides you with many technological and energy-saving benefits. It can connect to your Wi-Fi, which allows you to control it digitally. This means that you can use your phone or other devices to control the light from your bed. Many smart bulbs allow you to change their color, brightness, and even set times for when they’re on so that you don’t have to worry about turning out all of the lights at night. This saves you energy and allows you to have complete control of your lighting without ever having to move more than a thumb.

Smart Coffee Maker

The smell of a fresh cup of coffee can help anyone get out of bed, but most people have to get up to make it in the first place. Smart coffee makers, however, can have your coffee brewing and hot before you even hit snooze, giving a nice incentive to shuffle out of those covers. This nifty device hooks up to your Wi-Fi so that you can control it using an application on your smartphone. You can schedule it to begin brewing at a specific time every day, or if you’re sleeping in, just press a button to get the pot going whenever you’re ready to wake up. Just remember to load the coffee and water into it beforehand, and the pot itself will take care of the rest.
Filling your home with smart devices increases the convenience of your lifestyle. Don’t just sit around waiting for the Jetson’s futuristic lifestyle to appear, take advantage of the future that has already arrived. While most people don’t have moving walkways in their home or machines that brush their hair and teeth every morning, you can still enjoy the luxury of controlling your life from the comfort of your couch, bed, or even from beyond the home itself.