G700 Tactical Flashlight Now Available For Regular People

G700 Tactical Flashlight Now Available For Regular People

Every home statistic talking has a power blackout 2-4 times in a month. When situations like this occur most people who are used to electricity in their everyday life have a problem with having no lighting and we don’t have any replaceable item that can provide us light, except the revolutionary G700 flashlight.

One of the things that help people get thru 2- 3 hours of power blackout situation is using a flashlight until you get your power back, but in this particular situations you discover that your flashlight light is foggy,bulb and can barely light all the way to the bathroom.

Most people have the tendency to be prepared for a power blackout at home, at their work place or if they are fans of camping and any kind of outdoor activity for them owning a G700 tactical flashlight is the best possible option that can make you forget that you are out of your comfort zone.

G700 Tactical Flashlight Now Available For Regular People

G700 Specifications:

With 3000 feet of range distance the G700 led flashlight is classified as a military-grade and was used for military purposes when it was first invented, after a while it was approved for usage in the police force and for the firefighting department. Finally now it is also available for home usage, people how are fans of military equipment and of outdoor camping were very excited to get a G700 led flashlight because they know what can be done with it. Special discount of 75% is offered on https://www.theg700flashlight.com/

Lightning capacity: Revolutionary LED Concept

By now you all have noticed and wondered about the G700, then to answers your question the name reflects the specifications of the flashlight. With lightning capacity of 700 lumens it is the most powerful flashlights on the market.

5 different focus modes

The multiple focus modes allow you to switch from wide range to telescoping range and from sphere to square box. In addition to that you also have strobe, SOS, low, medium, and high. Weather you need this to light up your house or find a target on a long ranged filed the tactical G700 brightest flashlight is must have toll for everyday situations.

Telescoping focus

The telescoping focus is one of the greatest G700 features that provides lightning targets that are out of reach. With the best tactical flashlight your telescoping focus can now reach 5 different telescoping modes:

  • X 1
  • X 250
  • X 500
  • X 1000
  • X 2000

Long Lasting Battery Capacity

Most of us would think that the brightest led flashlight like the G700 can’t have a large battery capacity for more than 2 days, but the G700 tacticalflashlight is a technology revolution and has changed the flashlight market to a different level. With using only two Double-AA batteries the G700 brightest flashlight can last up to3 months if you use it every day.

The best flashlight part about the G700 is that the lamp life is 100.000 hours and if you used it all it you have and extra lamp in the package.

Indestructible Material

Rounding up the G700 led flashlight is an “aircraft aluminum” which is considered to be among the most indestructible materials. With a strong structure the G700 is an indestructible flashlight that can also be used as self-defense tool. With having such so much lightning power you can instantly chase away an attacker or an animal which gives you the time to escape any kind of dangerous situations.