Future Of Mobile Phones

Future Of Mobile Phones

Today’s mobile phones do a vast number of amazing things. They tell the time, grab the latest weather report and even help people to track their stocks. With the touch of a screen a person can even tap into their home security system or change the temperature on their home’s thermostat by remote. With voice command technology in place, people can even interrogate their phone to obtain information in the moment. With all this power at a person’s fingertips, it makes it difficult to imagine how mobile phones could get much better; yet, the future of mobile phones may actually leave us stunned.

Future Of Mobile Phones

Next Generation Mobile Phone Display

As materials for creating screens and graphic capabilities get better and better, mobile phones will be able to provide users with far cleaner displays. From finer graphical ultra high definition resolution to more screen type options, the way we think of mobile phone screens may change dramatically. Just imagine a mobile phone that can be rolled up and stuck in a pocket. With screens that are super light and thin, this sort of phone may be the reality sooner than we think. Plus, this technology could lead to a phone light enough that it would not shatter if it is dropped. That would be a welcome advancement in mobile phone technology which would appeal to a lot of consumers. According to Wiki article, rollable displays have a wide range of applications, such as making it possible to wear a mobile phone display screen around a person’s wrist or forearm.

Adding More External Sensors

As mobile phones become more ubiquitous and involved in our daily routines, the need for more interesting external sensors could really come in handy. A phone with chemical sniffing capabilities could essentially warn a user that they are heading into a particularly toxic area. These sensors may be accurate enough to identify the toxic chemical the user is being exposed to as well. Other sensors may perform even more vital tasks critical to numerous professions. In turn, advanced sensor technology would cause mobile phones to become an active tool for ensuring the safety of working professionals.

Solar Powered Mobile Phones

Years ago, people thought it was cool to be able to use solar powered calculators. It is a vision from the past that begs the question if mobile phones will soon follow suit. By being able to simply recharge your phone, simply by leaving it within the range of a light source, would make mobile phones far more energy efficient and convenient than they already are. According to article posted on Network World, mobile phone companies are actively involved in finding a practical solution to a touch screen-based solar charging feature for modern mobile phones. Proper placement of the device for solar charging, without disrupting the user’s experience and still maintaining a significant charging rate, is one major problem that still needs to be overcome with this technology.

Mobile Payments

As the evolution of Point Of Sale (POS) systems continues to change how people interact and pay at the register, it is only inevitable that mobile phones will continue to be an integral part of future checkout and payment procedures. As things stand, people already enjoy paying with their phone for goods & services thanks to mobile payments like Clip Tab App. In the future, mobile phones may eliminate the antiquated cash register model of standard retail outlets altogether. The electronic interface already exists to make this a reality as virtually everything can be carried out digitally over the Internet. This holds true even if no physical checkout register exists in a store.


As mobile phones continue to break new ground in the various applications they are used within, consumers will continue to experience greater reliance on mobile technology to complete the vast majority of tasks they encounter. It is no question that mobile phones will remain as a standard tool of the average individual’s daily operation as we head into the future. Even if mobile phones change form, this will not change their ability to connect humans in ways that was not possible prior to their being introduced to the market. This makes the future of mobile phones an exciting and hopeful frontier for further exploration.