Electronic Arts – Video Games for the Imagination:

EA Sports or Electronic Arts Games is a marketer, producer, publisher and distributor of video games and is based in America. This developer started way back in 1982 as a developer of home computer games along with the pioneering gaming system that goes along with it. This is one of the most popular gaming sites around the world. EA Sports as well as EA is reaping the financial rewards of being the most popular gaming site worldwide. Revenues in total should be close to or passing one billion this year.

The man behind the magic of Electronic Arts is Trip Hawkins. Some of the more popular titles on EA Sports will include Madden NFL, NHL, NBA Jam and FIFA Soccer. EA also has teamed up with Lucas Arts for several different video games in the Star Wars series such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and Army of Two. EA also owns a major gaming studio in Burnaby, Montreal, and Vancouver along with Tiburon in Orlando and DICE in Sweden. So Electronic Arts are here to stay and grows in popularity with each video release. Many releases can be played on different consoles such as XBOS or PS3.

A driving force behind the EA popularity is the game quality. The game play, speed, animation, graphics and quality of the games developed and produced by EA is second to none. Many gamers do consider EA to be the top dog of the gaming world. This is for good reason. Fans loyal to EA often pre-order their games while some will get them at retail as soon as they come out. There are many different titles in many different genres to choose from for exciting game action that can last for hours.

Many users can also play EA games online through the EA site. It is a fun way to pass time playing with your friends or even solo through magical worlds. No matter what type of gaming you like, whether it is action, adventure, MMORPG or other categories, EA has something for you. All these games are rated for different viewers, but the reach every age of video gamer on the planet. With its popularity rising and no end in sight, it is easy to view why they are the top game producer in the world.

Some of the titles that EA puts out may be familiar to you such as Dante’s Inferno, Crysis- Warhead, Command and Conquer-Yuri’s Revenge, Cyber Tiger, NASCAR – 2011, Cricket World Cup 2011, Madden Football 2011, FIFA World Cup-2011 and many other titles are available to the public. No matter what games that you like to play you can certainly find every single genre of games under the EA and EA Sports banners. They are great to play and the game play and graphics are smooth. The come for a variety of playing platforms and most can be found ether online through the EA web site or at your local retailer. These games are the cream of the world of gaming.