Dipping Your Toes In The Email Marketing Pool

Targeted-EmailMarketing your business can be a time consuming task. Anymore, marketing requires more than posting links and paying for colorful advertising. Social media sites have become a great resource for small businesses wishing to expand their marketing net while keeping in contact with clients at an affordable price. In addition to the use of social media sites, email marketing has proven to be an integral part of online marketing.
Be sure to include an email plan when developing an online marketing strategy. This will not only help expand your online presence, but also act as a method to keep in close contact with all of your clients.


Email marketing can cover any topic for any audience. Because you know who the recipients will be, email marketing makes it easier to gear your outreach efforts toward your individual customers. In turn, this approach makes email marketing more personal between you and your clients.
Email marketing makes it possible to add various types of media inside the body of your email message. To help promote your business you can include video, audio or photographs. Being strategic with the content will grab the attention of the reader and reinforce the intended overaching message.


Set up your campaign to track the number of recipients opening their emails. You can track clients who open messages by including a unique promotional code within each individual address. Adding in a promotional code will provide a behind the scenes look into which clients are opening up emails and which client are actually reading them. Additionally, once an email is sent, it is possible to track conversions and the number of recipients who unsubscribe to your email marketing list.


Depending on your email server, there is little to no limit on the amount of emails you can send. The biggest expense your email marketing campaign will cost is your time. It will take time to write, address and reply to all of your emails, but time well spent if a conversion occurs as an end result.


Make sure you have provided an email address in case you need to be contacted by a client. Avoid the use of a “Do not reply” email address. In the case that a customer has follow-up questions to a marketing email, they will want easy access to your customer relations expert. Give them the option to hit reply. A simple step in communication can make the line between client and customer more personal.


Use an email address that is easily recognizable to your clients. Avoid the automatic deletion of email due to the recipient not recognizing the sender’s name or email address. Pick a name or email address that is unique for your business. Thinking from the viewpoint of a customer will provide a strategic vantage point.
With technology trending to be overwhelmingly mobile, more and more people access their email accounts 24/7. This availability factor makes email marketing so much more useful when wanting to reach out to specific clients and potential customers. Test out an email marketing campaign and see the difference it can make for your business.