Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes In Web Design

Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes In Web Design

You must have heard the old and effective saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” but nowadays people judge your business by your website. Having an unusual and compelling website is not an option anymore. Poorly designed website causes many businesses to lose their customers and clients, and that it why  end- results are disappointed.Web design is a form of art and basically it looks to give viewers a great experience. Web design, at it essence meant to combine all forms and functions in a way that makes your website interesting, unique, enjoyable and compelling.

Many business owners design their own websites to have control over their project and most important to save money. But sometimes they fail to understand the main concepts of a good web design, leading to an ideal website. Sometimes, even the most knowledgeable and experienced professional make mistakes. Although mistakes are made by humans. Here is a list of some common web design mistakes that you should avoid to make your website successful.

Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes In Web Design

Mistake 1. Cluttered Web Pages

Obviously  everyone wants a top-of-the-line, high class  website. Every business owner want people to be attracted and impressed by what their website can do.  Leave enough space for your site content to breathe. You need your content to be very clearly and easy to find to your existing and as well as prospective customers and clients. So instead of filling your website up with unwanted stuffs, keep it effective and simple.

Mistake 2. No Call-To-Action

Its no secret, websites are created with a specific purpose. Your customers need direction. So, you should at least add one Call to Action on the front of your business website. You need a call to action for “get in touch” or “contact us”. Help your clients and customers to find a clear way to what they came to do.

Mistake 3.  Pop- up Windows

Pop-up Windows undoubtedly lead to visitor’s disappointing experience. There is nothing more irritating than going through a website and having a pop-up window thrown on the screen. These windows often create a spam vibe for the website. You can use other better ways to get your information noticed rather than directly pushing it on your visitors face.

Mistake 4. No Scannable Text

A page full of text is deadly for a boring experience. It is boring and painful to read. If you want to draw attention of your visitors into the text and maintain scannability, you must use well documented tricks and tips such as:

  • Short paragraphs
  • Subheadings
  • Highlighted keywords
  • Inverted pyramid style
  • Short titles
  • Simple writing style
  • Bulleted list

Mistake 5. Poor Navigation

Its great when your visitors already know where they at right now and have the possibility to proceed through your website pages swiftly and easily. Your web designers can solve this problem different ways by including pagination into website design, and can prefer page layouts.  Availability of different designs and filters help to simplify visitor’s searching works as well.

The above mentioned are some web design mistakes that you should avoid in web design. It’s better to keep your brand image and target customer in mind while the web  designing process.