All Your Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Ever wondered how to handle everything from concepts to designs to programming and promotion? There’s a secret to this and want to know how? We, at Techbase solution, will  tell you how. We can take care of almost everything for you. And why do think we do this? Because you have more important things to do- run your business.

Techbase Solution Sdn Bhd. service mainly focuses on designing, planning, customizing  and implementing the web-based solutions to network marketing industry such as Multi-level Marketing and retail industry.

Why Us?

We provide quality solutions and trust us, we are best at what we do. We are one of the leading network marketing software companies that provide integrated, enterprise-level and quality software that is capable of achieving all the MLM Business requirements. We believe that finding and implementing new strategies and solutions to various approaches is our key strength. We are always willing to stretch and expand our core competencies.

Techbase Solution is a family-like team. We are a big group of developers, designers, managers and support team who love what they do. Our only goal is to expand your business and we take pride in that.

Key features

We have the best solutions and you know what’s more interesting? These solutions are designed in a way you need it.

Some of the notable features of Techbase solution are listed below and this tells you why you should opt for us in the long run.


This is a piece of art and our technicians have been working on it for several months.


We design your website as simple and stylish as possible.


Customizing a design to your own needs has never become so easeful.


Choose this template and you will get all the extensions including the plugins and the best modules for free.


Our support system has never cracked before and has been performing successfully for the past 15 years.


A large number of styled and ready to use elements at your disposal.

Other Services

We also provide other services like E-coin trading systems, E-share trading systems, Software development, Web designing and IT Solutions.We provide comprehensive solutions for start-up multi-level marketing companies as well as upgrading operating companies from unsatisfactory providers or legacy systemsand guess what? We keep it simple. We provide services which are small, simple, efficient and trust worthy. This is our speciality. We are some real people providing real service – that’s what you deserve and that’s why we’re different!

Choose the best

We have always tried in bringing the best professional e-business application which helps in promoting our clients, products, and services in achieving the target audience. Striving to achieve the target  has always been our primary priority. Listening to our clients and developing a custom made website is all we do and this helps in enhancing your corporate image. We also help our clients in reducing their investments and timing of the implementation of the necessary solution.