5 Absurd Myths About Project Management Tools

5 Absurd Myths About Project Management Tools

With every new innovation, there is a critical group that does not approve it. They are able to come up with a list of reasons as to why is the old method is better and more efficient.
It’s not necessary to go with either one of the extremes. On the one hand, there is not accepting anything new, and on the other, there’s that “out with the old and in with the new” moto that’s also wrong.

So, with each new innovation in the world of business, only time can tell whether it’s improving the overall efficiency or doing the opposite of that, this slowing the whole team down by misdirecting it. Project management tools are the subject of most conversations in the area of trendy innovations, and time has come to bust the myths about them.

Remote Cooperation Is Inefficient

Businesses worldwide are still hesitant to try out the growth hacking method that proved itself to be the most efficient – outsourcing. Many reasons are there to support the claim – the geographical location that comes with verity in time zones, and cultural differences are some of those, along with the inability of project management tools to direct remote teams properly.

According to recent statistics, employees who work remotely have an increase in productivity by more than 13% than those who are bound to the office. This kind of difference in the amount of work which is done on a daily basis has a highly positive impact on the monthly and yearly numbers. A good project management tool will enable you to distribute and keep up the pace with all current tasks and thus have a detailed insight into whether a project is on course or not.

Project Management Is a Mechanical Activity

 5 Absurd Myths About Project Management Tools

Many people believe that managing projects is an emotionless job that’s based on papers and bureaucracy. An average project manager spends about 90% of the time communicating and not only via different online platforms including project management software, but also in person.

Being a project manager doesn’t mean that you need to be an authority figure – it’s right on the contrary. Recent job offers in this area require a dose of empathy because it’s necessary for a project manager to see employees not only as cogs in the machine, but also as people.

You might have noticed that quality task management software also includes positive reinforcement options such as “applause” for example. Employees respond to being understood and appreciated, and task management systems enable that as well.

Presence on Physical Meetings is Mandatory

Another myth that is trying to dispute the efficiency of project management software pieces is that they are faceless and that holding a meeting during work hours if more effective. If you’d conduct an anonymous survey in any office, almost half of the employees will agree with the fact that meetings are usually a time waster, especially long ones.

When using a project management system, you can simply update the entire building about the news related to any current project by uploading a document. Each employee will get a notification and there will be no need to waste any time on putting everyone in the same room, sitting them down, and elaborating on a subject that can easily be explained in a few sentences.

Naturally, personal interaction is necessary in any place of business, and every business leader should insist on team building activities. In addition, when there’s an actual necessity for an official gathering, you should go with standing meetings – they are shorter and a lot more effective.

You Shouldn’t Hire Self-Thought Project Managers

 5 Absurd Myths About Project Management Tools

The age of self-directed education is here – the number of companies who prefer portfolios instead of certificates is rising. The fact is that more than 70% of highly successful managers don’t have a diploma in this particular area of expertise – they just managed to find their calling.

When leadership and organization come naturally to you, you only need a proper medium to channel your these traits. A quality task management software doesn’t require a learning curve that will slow your whole team down, including your manager.

It should be right on the contrary; a project manager who can multitask and who has the ability to comprehend which employee is capable of what can use this platform to increase the efficiency of the whole business as soon as it’s implemented and without a diploma.

Every Project Management Tool Is the Same

This is probably the biggest misconception about project management tools. If you would check any detailed guide that shows you how to select a project management system that is suitable to the needs of your business, you would notice that they will start with the same introduction – do your research.

First of all, some task management systems are meant for large companies. If you’re a startup or a medium-sized business, you’d probably be overpaying for the service. The second factor that should affect your decision when browsing through different software solutions is the type of your business – based on what niche you’re in, you can find a system which will maximize your productivity more than something else could. Therefore, make sure to do your homework before you decide on a software.

It’s definite that each of these myths are exactly that – myths. When it comes to this innovative tool, time has shown that a quality project management tool can bring the efficiency of a business to a new level when there’s a capable person delegating tasks behind it. It will soon become an ordinary tool in every office.