How To Save Money on Your Company’s Electric Bill

Running a company is a difficult job to be sure, but it doesn’t help when hidden costs are springing up left and right — one such hidden cost is electricity bills, which multiple workers in the same space can increase exponentially over time. Large buildings that house dozens of workers can have monthly energy bills in the thousands. Luckily, there are some straightforward things you can do to prevent being overwhelmed by the power bill.

Minimize Off-Hour Usage

For many businesses, keeping the lights on after hours is a sign of their prestige. What it really amounts to is a massive waste of energy and money. Unless you have a dedicated security guard or other staff who will need the lights to move around, there’s no reason to have lights on overnight. One efficient way to handle this issue is to convert your building’s lights to motion-sensitive timers. This will ensure that lights turn off while no one is in a room, but if someone needs to move around the building, they will have a lit path.

Consult an Electrician

While consulting fees can be expensive, speaking with an electrician is often one of the best ways to shave money off your power bills. These experts see trends that you might not be prepared to address due to lesser experience and can set you on the right path. An experienced electrician can not only repair any existing issues that might be increasing your bill but can also provide you with tips on the best ways to increase your efficiency in the future.

Decrease Discretionary Usage

Oftentimes, the little drains that create a high power bill add up over time. One of the most common ways that this becomes an issue for businesses is when employees need to charge their phones. While one phone charger might not draw a substantial amount of power, a dozen scattered across a building create a noticeable drain and persist throughout the month due to basic human habits. To prevent this, you can create cell phone charging stations or urge employees to come into work with their devices fully charged. In a stricter workplace, you may be able to outlaw their usage completely, but be wary that many modern workers see cell phones as a right.

Switch Your Bulbs To Be LED

LED lights are a great way to save money on your business’s electric bill. They not only use less energy than traditional lighting, but they also last much longer. In fact, LED bulbs can last over 25 times longer than their incandescent counterparts. This means you don’t have to worry about expensive electrician bills for replacing worn-out bulbs anymore; simply purchase the LED lightbulbs once, and watch your electric bill decrease dramatically for years! Switching to LED lights is an easy way to make your electric bill plummet without any extra fuss – it’s certainly worth looking into if you want to make a conscious effort toward saving money.

Install Motion Detecting Lights

Motion detector lights are an energy-efficient solution to save money on electric bills for businesses. Installing these sensors can be done quickly and easily by a certified electrician and can mean major savings in the long run. Motion sensors detect any motion in their vicinity and switch the lights on for a specific amount of time – usually around five minutes – then turn off when no motion is detected. This helps to prevent unnecessary usage of electric lighting, which can quickly add up on electric bills. Additionally, businesses that use motion detector lights often have improved security, as any movement will likely trigger the lights to turn on. For electric bill savings and improved security, there is no simpler solution than installing motion detector lights for your business.

Getting A Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat in your business premises can save you a lot of money on electric bills. By setting temperatures to match the building’s occupancy throughout the day and night, you will ensure that you are only using energy when necessary, rather than running air conditioning units practically all day long. This is especially effective when programmed to shut off completely at times when your business isn’t running operations – like late evenings or weekends. It’s important to get an electrician involved in the installation to make sure it is done safely and correctly. Effective management of your thermostat will ultimately result in a reduced electric bill and improved budgeting decisions for months and years to come.

Closing Windows and Doors

Closing doors and windows in a business can make a significant difference to electric bills. Not only does this keep out the elements, but it also helps to maintain overall temperature control inside the business, which is essential for comfort, particularly during extreme weather seasons. Whenever possible, electricians recommend that businesses close their doors and windows to avoid losing any cooled or heated air. This will reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain the desired level of comfortable environment within the building and in turn reduce electric bills. Furthermore, electricians encourage businesses to inspect seals around windows and doors regularly as this can be a cause of drafts and heat loss if not adequately sealed. Closing and maintaining seals around both doors and windows is an easy way to save money on electric bills while efficiently enhancing the internal environment.


It can seem like you’re out of options when your power bill skyrockets, but that just isn’t true. These options and others can make a huge difference in ensuring that you don’t pay too much for energy.