7 Tips to Use YouTube as Massive Traffic Source for Your Blog

Your blog needs constant stream of traffic. In fact, it needs massive traffic in order to survive. Think about it. There are millions of blogs out there, all competing for traffic. If you have a blog, you need to be able to keep constant stream of traffic coming to your blog. Otherwise, it will wither away. In other words, the less traffic you have, the quicker your blog will die. But, there is a solution for you. YouTube is currently the biggest video-sharing website on the internet, and it will help you to drive constant stream of traffic to your blog, massively. How to do this? Here are 7 tips to use YouTube as massive traffic source for your blog:
1. Publish regular feature video for your blog
What is a feature video? It is basically a branded video that you create. In this video, the viewers will understand that it is released by your blog. As for the content of this video, there is a guideline for you: the content has to be interesting and helpful. For instance, if you own a tech blog, it is a good idea for you to post a feature video at least once a week about gadget reviews or other things related to technology. Remember to include your blog address in the video description.
2. The way you present your video
Your video is essentially a presentation directed to your audience. That’s why it needs to be interesting so that your audience will keep watching your video. To make your video interesting, you need to have a unique way in giving presentation. There is a simple method that you can use. Follow these tips:
– Create an opening for your video. It should show your blog logo in an animated way.
– Do it in your closing as well.
– Put a logo in the bottom left corner of your video.
– Keep your video quality clear. Use a good video camera to record your video.
3. Be personal in your video
If you want to show yourself in your video, you should consider the personal factor of your video. Your attitude will affect the viewers’ thinking about you or your blog. Think about creating a video in a friendly way. You should be able to entertain your audience with confidence, fun, and smile.
4. Optimize the title and description
Your video title and description should be able to catch search engine’s attention, especially Google. If you’re targeting specific keywords for your video, be sure to include your keywords in your title and description. It will help your audience to find your video on YouTube as well as search engines.
5. Comment on your video
Do not disable commenting for your video. Each comment that is published in your video will help your video to rank higher on YouTube and the search engines. It will increase your video’s relevancy factor as well as views. When someone comments on your video, take some time to reply his comment. It will keep your video active and it will give you even more potential traffic for your blog.
6. Find out what works for you
Some of your videos will have more likes than dislikes. Some others will have more dislikes than likes. What you need to do is to learn from this experience. Each video that you upload to YouTube will either be liked by the viewers or not. When lots of people like your video, find out what’s on it. What factors make it so likeable? Also, observe your video comments. There should be some hints about how to make your video better in the future.
7. Share it
Share your videos to various social media services. It will help you to gain even more views for your videos. You can even publish your videos to other video sharing websites. There are lots of video sharing websites that you can use.
Those are 7 tips to use YouTube as massive traffic source for your blog. Now, it’s time for you to create a cool video and publish it on YouTube.

John is a SEO expert and a content writer. He also loves blogging and has written many articles on Internet Marketing that has grown his reputation on websites like MySearchResults.