5 Useful Tips To Grow Your Business Using Pinterest

One of the most effective social media tools for building a business online is Pinterest. It can help nearly any size of business! Be it B2C or B2B, there are many goals that you can pursue, right from getting web as well as foot traffic to grow visibility with consumers as well as with influences. Here are a few practical tips to help you get through.

5 Useful Tips to Grow Your Business Using Pinterest

  1. Make Sure You Add a Hover ‘Pin It’ Button to All Your Posts: In order to get referral traffic from all over to your Pinterest account, you will need to connect your blog images to Pinterest. This Pin It button will pop up on your image in your blog in the social media examiner. But you must note that this hover interaction does not work on touch screens. You can install this button to get a good visual reminder, which can make it easy for users to pin any image of their choice. You can buy Pinterest followers reviews in order to optimize your pins.
  2. Build Relationships with the Help of Influencers: Take any platform, and it will have influencers that stand out in their specific industry. Having good relationships with these influencers can help your business in a great way. Make sure you initially locate and identify these online influencers who have the attention of your specific targeted audience already. You can begin by following people and re-pinning the posts that you like. You can go ahead and like the pins and also comment thoughtful comments. This can be a great first step for building relationships.
  3. You Can Turn Your Personal Page into a Business Page: Sometime back, Pinterest started offering business pages. In terms of appearance, personal pages and business pages do not look very different but then business pages give useful information through analytical features that are not available on personal pages. It only takes a few minutes to convert a personal page into a business page and can greatly benefit your business branding in the long run.
  4. You Can Designate Boards to Represent Your Businesses: It is not tough to get caught up in the casual feel Pinterest gives its users and lose focus on the opportunity that it can give to make boards that are reflective in business. Take for instance, Constant Contact, a wonderful example of a business, which has made a number of business special boards. It has about 97 boards and out of them around 20% to 30% of them are connected specifically to their brand and even have the same business name as the board name.
  5. Make Sure You Explore Pins That Are Rich: You can add on information to a pin and this will build interest in users. There are 5 kinds of rich pins:
  • Product pics, which have information like real time pricing, where it can be bought and availability.
  • Article pins that have information like story description, author, headline, link to the story etc.
  • Location pins have information like map, address, phone numbers, pin code etc.
  • Recipe pins can have information like serving tips, ingredients, duration for cooking etc.
  • Movie pins can have reviews, ratings, cast and crew details.

You can decide what kind of pins you like. Using Pinterest for your business can be greatly beneficial, provided you know what tactics work best for your page. So go ahead and experiment!