5 Things That You Need To Know About Semi Dedicated Hosting

5 Things That You Need To Know About Semi Dedicated Hosting

Perhaps semi dedicated hosting is the most misunderstood one amongst all web hosting services available. A great number of webmasters think of it as a solution that somehow fits between the shared hosting and dedicated server hosting.

It is also similar to a virtual private server (VPS hosting) in many ways. Also, it is the product that delivers the performance of a dedicated server at a low price, which helps in meeting the website’s resource demands of increasing traffic and grow their business.

But in its actual sense, semi dedicated hosting is neither VPS hosting nor a dedicated server. It is a turbo-charged shared hosting that shows up incredible performance and speed.

5 Things That You Need To Know About Semi Dedicated Hosting

What is Semi-Dedicated Hosting?

With the use of same technology as per standard shared web hosting service, semi-dedicated web hosting offers a service where a section of the dedicated server is received.

While opting to avail the hosting services of the websites, you most commonly come across three primary kinds i.e. dedicated hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, and shared web hosting. Multiple users are meant to share a single server inside a shared web hosting. A devoted server is aimed at your website inside a dedicated hosting where you are not subjected to share server space with any other user. While semi dedicated hosting makes you share one server with around 5 to 10 clients only.

Hosting services company shares the best events when you can choose to avail the semi dedicated hosting of the website.

  • If the website has a lot of space and bandwidth, you’ll be needing a semi dedicated web hosting. Because your need of storing considerable information inside a database may arise, a shared web hosting cannot meet your requirement.

  • You might be facing some security issues within shared web hosting. It is the time to choose a semi dedicated web hosting plan. Also, there are chances of other likelihood attacks like spyware and adware, whenever a great number of users are using one typical server.

  • When the website traffic is increased, you need to go towards some semi dedicated hosting services. Those who have a substantial online presence, it happens to the most frequently, and eventually, a lot of transaction occurs through their website having an e-commerce page.

  • Let’s suppose if finances of your business have been improved and you are in a position to afford an independent room; you better choose semi dedicated hosting to help you with multiple benefits. And since then, the price for web hosting will also rise because the cost of that semi dedicated server will be shared amongst a couple of servers only.

  • If you have planned to make your website look more dynamic and inclusive with some health multimedia content, it would be better upgrading from the shared to semi dedicated hosting of the website. And whenever a lot of traffic is produced for your website, there won’t occur any sort of issue as a result of a slow server.

  • A semi dedicated web hosting enables more frequent backups for those facing occasional website crashes in shared web hosting.