5 Common Mistakes You Can Make In Facebook Ads Advertising

Many people spend money on Facebook only to find out that their investments are only a waste of time, money, and effort. Yes, if you don’t know about what you’re doing with Facebook Ads, you won’t be able to get significant result from your investment. Facebook Ads is different than most PPC platforms out there. So, you have to avoid making mistakes in your Facebook advertising. Here are 5 common mistakes you can make in Facebook Ads advertising:
1.     Writing Misleading Ad
The title of your ad is very important, as well as the description of your ad. You have to avoid misleading people with your ad. Make sure that your ad matches exactly with your landing page. If you write a very good ad, but it is not relevant with your landing page at all, people will come to your landing page but they will feel disappointed quickly and leave your landing page right away. If you promise something on your ad, you have to fulfill your promise in your landing page. Don’t write misleading ad.
2.     Not Really Knowing Your Target Audience
What is your product? Who is your target audience? Not knowing your target audience will bring you into failure quickly. The most important principle in marketing is that you have to sell your product to the right people. You can’t sell golf products to people who don’t have any interest in golf. Selling golf products to them will only waste your advertising investment. That’s why you have to understand well about your target audience. Most people who have lost a lot of money on Facebook Ads are those who don’t know about their target audience.
3.     Promoting The Wrong Product
There are some products that won’t attract any interest on Facebook, no matter how hard you try to promote it. Promoting the wrong product will only give you frustration, and it will often losing you money quickly. Study what other marketers are doing. What ads stay on the same spot for months? What product are they promoting? Those ads are promoting good product. It is better for you to promote a real converting product on Facebook rather than to promote unknown product.
4.     Promoting A Dead Page
If you want to attract more likes to your Facebook page, you can use Facebook Ads to attract people to your page. The more people come to your page, the more likes you will get. But, if your Facebook page is essentially a dead page, no one will like your page. Why is it happening? That’s because people won’t bother adding more likes to dead pages. There are thousands of dead pages on Facebook. If you want to attract more likes to your page, make sure to update your page often. Otherwise, it won’t be appealing for your audience, even though you are spending money for them to come there.
5.     Using A Lame Image
The image that you use in your Facebook ad will affect your result with your ad. That’s why you have to use the best image for your ad, as well as the image that is relevant with your ad content. Using a lame image won’t attract people to click your ad. Remember that on Facebook, it is about attracting attention with your ad. And you need to use high quality and professional image to do that.
Those are 5 common mistakes you can make in Facebook Ads advertising. If you make the mistakes above, you’ll likely lose a lot of money in your Facebook advertising campaign. So, be sure to avoid them.

About Author
Vince is a tech blogger who loves to write on IM and SEO. He is addicted to facebook and often likes to Buy Facebook Likes that are highly targeted to reach out to more audience.