The Darth Vader Beetle: A. Vaderi

The Darth Vader Beetle: A. Vaderi

From the same two classy Cornell scientists that brought us A. bushi, A. cheneyi and A. rumsfeldi, comes our very own fungus-munching Agathidium (A. for short) Vaderi. Inspired by the shiny black exo skeleton, Kelly Miller and Quentin Wheeler decided to honor Darth Vader with his own Earth beetle.

The resemblance is striking

Mr. Vaderi loves long walks on slime-mold covered beaches, and freaking out other bugs with his trademark Lucasfilm headgear. When scared, he uses the force to roll himself up in a complete sphere like a pillbug.

If you’re in North Carolina, keep an out for this 3mm long yet diabolical beetle. Mr. Vaderi is part of the Agathidium genus of beetles, along with George, Dick, and Donald.

Vianews.cornell.eduImageFactorialist / Tom Zlatic