YouTube Video Downloaders For Android Platform

Would it be possible to download videos from YouTube on to your Android platform? If you download videos can you save it on your phone or SD card? The list of questions is endless and the urge to install a YouTube downloader on your Android phone is an option. Let us explore the list of popular video downloading apps available on the Android platform.


For downloading Youtube videos this is a popular Android app and even in the app stores, this is one of the popular searched apps. Users are allowed to download YouTube videos directly on to their mobile phones with high degrees of precision and superior quality. This app also supports saving of videos from various social platforms.

In addition, there is a significant chance that the video can be downloaded as an MP 3 file if you are looking at an audio option and not a video. When you are installing this YouTube downloader on to your android phones you need to be really careful about the permissions that it grants because safety appears to be the main point of consideration. Just download it from the official website as they are fake versions.


This is a minimalist app as you can figure out from the interface. The reason being all the features are arranged properly. In spite of ads being there, it provides a nice user experience as there is a need to survive after all. Since most of the operations are straight forward anyone using it for the first time can understand it with ease. Simple it may sound, it does go on to do a great job, as you can go on save multiple videos at the same time on your smartphones.

Another significant benefit of this app is the inbuilt browser that does allow you to stream videos from various social media sites. This does provide a shortcut to assess videos and you can download the videos instantly.  Just copy the link from the YouTube site and paste it in the search bar. Once you have decided to download any video click on the white bar on the top right hand side of the screen. Then the download interface will pop out.


As far as a saving of videos on your Android phone is concerned, you cannot ignore this app. This enables you to download videos of the highest quality. Apart from this, the video contents of the apps are classified into various sections like popular, top rated, coming soon making the task of users a lot easy. Just you need to download it as Vidmate app.

This YouTube downloader provides you with additional features, to pause, resume, stop or break during the process of downloading videos. Since the process of downloading works at the background, you are free to be using the other apps at the same time. This app is free of charge and you do not have to spend a single penny to download the videos. Just follow the process to download the videos.