Why Your Private Data Is Always More Safe On iPhone Instead Of Android?

How your data is actually stored on apple devices? If you would search deeply, Iphone has in-built privacy measures and more deserving device to keep your trust than android.

Why Your Private Data Is Always More Safe On iPhone Instead Of Android?

Privacy is the biggest battle among mobile phone providers since last few years. Business owners have to exchange crucial data every day. That’s why they always look for more secure device that can handle data efficiently without tampering it. Apple speaks loudly on its security features while Google always refuse discussing at the same topic.

If you are still confused then here is list of best features that will explain visible truth in simple words –

  • Passcodes

As Apple already recommend everyone to set passcode that stops any other arty to access your phone. According to FBI report, it is just nearly impossible to crack Apple Passcodes and needs lots of work if you wanted to access it.

  • Touch ID

Iphone devices are operated on the basis of touch finger print scanners. However, according to experts’ observations touch IDs are not as much secure as Passcodes yet they are considered good choice to maintain good data privacy. Touch ID are viewed in the same way as DNS sample and this is the logical way to protect your data against third party access.

  • Secure Enclave

Recently for one case, FBI has approached Apple and the team requested them to give their contribution to unlock the phone. The privacy measures of Google are so high that even Apple’s own employees could not access the inside data.

The above discussion makes it clear that Apple uses safest algorithm to protect the users’ privacy. Their commitment makes them superior smart phone suppliers in the mobile market. Further, iPhone application development is also not easy and it requires lots of dedication and research to complete it. Iphone application development is the other reason why Apple devices are so popular in mobile tech world.

About Author : Annabelle Stephena+ is an Senior app developer, mobility strategist and Team Leader. At present, she is working with Technoligent, a leading iPhone application development company. Stephena having hands on experience in making innovative mobile apps.