Why Is It Important To Know Your Audience (If You Are A Blogger)

Many people, creating your own blog, repeating the same mistakes. To get your audience you need to think twice.

Divide the target audience by age, sex, marital status, education, income level, religion, geographic location, or something else.

Activity lawyer living and working in the same city, is intended for people in the same city and surrounding areas.

Lawyer will not waste their time and energy in order to sell their services to the people in the neighboring state. In determining the target audience Landing, look carefully at the product or service you are selling. Think about and write down who might be interested in your offer. Brainstorming began: write down everything that comes to mind, even if at first it does not seem appropriate. After completion of the walk through the list and select the most likely candidates.

In general, here Why is it important to know your audience (if you are a blogger), they can be divided into the following groups:

Your environment – these are groups of people who are already familiar with you so sure that you can trust. Probably for these people you are interesting in themselves, as a person, and so they are ready to support any of your ideas and ideas. Do not allow them off. Even if they do not become your customers, you can always count on good advice and “word of mouth”.

Why Is It Important To Know Your Audience (If You Are A Blogger)

Readers of your blog, subscribers, members of communities in social networks. This group is similar in spirit to your ideas, materials that you post, it’s not just because they joined you? Typically, most of your clients belong to this group.

Like-minded or your potential subscribers. In other words, these are the people who already have a similar theme to your interests, attitudes, beliefs, but so far just do not know about you and your offer.

Interesting or ‘passers-by’. It can be a casual visitor to your page or site, a man who liked your article, and he decided to look for you “at the light.” Making predictions in this group is extremely difficult, but also to drop it from the accounts is not necessary. Nobody can abolish spontaneous purchases.

Blogging loves personality.

He does not like the person hidden behind seven seals and reluctantly coming to the contact, as well as the common man, leading measured life. Open to people tell about themselves, their occupations, world vision and ambitious plans for life. Even you can tell about your cat.

Being secretive is now out of fashion, so you will not achieve anything in blogging. You can put a photo with him and family, shoot video, record interviews, and people will be drawn to you, they want to communicate and collaborate. Make a statement wherever possible: “I am so-and-so is doing, and it turns out I have it good.” If you don’t know how to write an editorial article, you must learn it to writing interesting for audience blogs.

You should not be afraid of his popularity, on the contrary, you have to want to get it, come what may.

Then become a leader of opinion and the chief specialist on certain issues. Yes, you can, and a lot of fun to write on a topic, be competent in a certain field, to have a blog with a beautiful design, but if you can not present yourself properly, then nothing good will come of it.

Blog should be the link between you and the other people on the Internet. It is your business card, but for the business card should be an individual and not a set of letters.

This article was written by Edusson Community.