What You Need To Do In Order To Spy On WhatsApp Messages

What You Need to Do In Order To Spy On WhatsApp Messages

So you want to be able to spy on WhatsApp messages? That is not a problem at all, these days the markets are flooded with all kinds of different apps that let you spy on various devices, using them to their potential is all up to you, and since they offer so many features, its only makes sense to pay for the features you use. Think of all the features that you would actually need and only then go for the one you want.

What You Need to Do In Order To Spy On WhatsApp Messages

The Spy App for All your needs

Coming over to how to spy on WhatsApp messages, you will need a compatible spy app for the purpose. While selecting an app, you need to keep the device that you want to install it on in mind. Compatibility is an important factor, one that you simply cannot afford to ignore as you might end up with a dead investment if you purchase a WhatsApp spy app developed solely for iOS devices when you actually needed it for an Android device. Fortunately, there are quite a few options available that are compatible with multiple mobile platforms.

A 5 Minute Installation Process

Coming over to installation; it’s pretty straightforward for Android devices. You just enter a URL in a browser and then you install the app, the instructions are all given once you purchase the desired subscription package and it’s not complicated at all. In fact it is going to take around 5 to 10 minutes (you will need access to the device during this time though).
For the iOS though things are a bit different. You can only install it on Jailbroken devices. The reason for this is simple; a WhatsApp spy app needs to stay hidden, and for that, you cannot have an app being installed from the App Store. That would leave it in plain sight that is why you need to install it via the jailbreak method so that it stays hidden and cannot be disabled or deleted. Once your iOS device is Jailbroken you can start the installation process by navigating to Cydia.

Amazing Support

Most companies offering spy apps provide their customers with amazing support options. Really helpful installation manuals are available on their main website. They normally give customers an option to get support through emails and live chat support. A customer support team is also in place by to sort out any issues that users face, in the most efficient manner and in the least time period.

Access More than just WhatsApp conversations

Once the installation and activation procedures are done and dealt with, you can head over to the dashboard of what spy app that you’ve installed to keep tabs on WhatsApp messages and access the desired data. You will see all the WhatsApp chat logs on the bottom of the page where logs are kept. You may even find a lot more data on the dashboard, including emails, SMS, call details, contact details, browsing history, location information, and so much more.
Using a dedicated spy app is the easiest and most fail proof method for spying on WhatsApp.