What To Look Into When Hiring Developers?

What To Look Into When Hiring Developers?

There are a number of things a software development involves: investigators, problem solvers, designers, inventors, etc. so when hiring the services of a developer, resume selection, and portfolio investigation is just not sufficient. When going through these documents, you may only be able to grab the past experience and skill level. It may not be sufficient to reflect the techniques they make use of for investigation, solving problems and collaborate for resolving any issue.

A general test will be able to provide you with best results. With multiple testing options available, making the right choice of the test may not be easy for employers. Let’s get familiar with some of the best methods that are used by tests for the hiring process.

Automated method of testing

These types of tests are considered as one of the most effective and easiest methods for helping collect the right information about any developer. It will help you sort out the best from the worst. There are a number of online platforms that provide you with these types of test.

What To Look Into When Hiring Developers?

You can make the selection of tests that are focused

On multiple topics and well as single topic depending on the area of proficiency, the selections can be made from amongst Javascript, HTML, and CSS. When visitant the online web testing web portals, you can generate a link to the test and send it as an invite to your applicant. In case of more than one candidate, the same link can be shared with everyone. Many web portals offer with angularjs online test links. One main benefit is that you can add your company logo to the test customizing it.

Time of completion

Candidates can submit the test on completing within the desired time frame which may vary from three days to a few weeks. The tests are automatically graded and results are sent via emails.

What to expect from this test?

The test will offer with different testing abilities. The deadlines for the test are on higher side. This may be benefiting the candidates as they can seek external help to answer the queries. There are also chances that professional developers may decide to apply for another job, due to the lengthy time limit for submission.


These are simple questionnaires and are ideal for testing smart people. This is efficient in testing the skill level of the developer. They have limited time frame for submission. The test is best for sorting out the less experienced developer from highly experienced ones. you may find the questions are simple but challenging. An only expert developer can best complete the test on time.

Live coding

These tests are designed to help evaluate multiple skills and components including interaction and problem-solving techniques. The test introduces the candidate to the similar project they have to work on. The candidates are expected to identify the problematic areas. The employers can also share the screen with the candidate when they are solving the test.

These tests follow very strict time frames between few minutes to an hour. So if you are having skills as a developer then you may be the right candidate to appear for this test.