What Is New In Android 4.4 Kit Kat?

What Is New In Android 4.4 Kit Kat?

With iOS7 trending not only among Apple users but also all over the social media like Facebook and Twitter, Apple’s ace competitor Google is unveiling their new entry Android 4.4 Kit Kat as the new joiner to the android bandwagon. With so many old competitors like Apple and Windows thriving to overpower the simplicity and elegance of android OS and many new entries in the field, the Kit Kat 4.4 is definitely causing more expectations. To all those anxious users and mobile app developers who are keenly waiting for the new OS, here is what you can expect from the Kit Kat;

What Is New In Android 4.4 Kit Kat?
  • Better UI Design:

UI Design is considered to be success mantra for any OS in the recent days. Even the luxurious iOS is trying to adapt certain features of android to provide a simple and amiable UI to its users. So, android which is known for its uncomplicated and elegant UI design will be unleashing several features that are going to enhance the UI. The additional features in the UI are rumored to be revised color schemes, improved notifications. Furthermore, the UI will get a total change over when the device manufacturers add their own custom UI skins. One another important change made in UI would be those that are made to the camera UI. Google will be introducing Instagram style filters that allow users to preview the editing before applying them permanently.

  • Bid Bye to Onboard Storage:

Cloud storage for Google is ripened news with all those Google Drive, Drop box and box getting attentions all over however since Cloud is the recent trend we can expect Android 4.4 to be strictly cloud integrated just like iOS is tightly integrated to iCloud or Windows to SkyDrive. Now this is some pleasant news for users who want to bid bye to the onboard storage and have a streamlined storage scheme.

  • More Secure:

Google is really lagging behind when it comes to security; all of the android users would have experienced malicious and malevolent apps spread all over the play store. This is one major concern that Google is trying to sort out. Although Google is eradicating all those malicious apps, there are still concerns about security when compared to iOS. Hence Google has promised to improvise the security in their latest venture Kit Kat.

  • Print Your Photos Trouble-Free:

Google is rumored to have included the option to save images as a PDF file and also to send them directly to a local printer with various options like paper size, color scale, numbers of copies to be printed and orientation of print. Printing integration will be added to the settings option in the device. It will also have a new ‘Payments’ option that may allow wireless NFC payments from the main android architecture instead of the ones through third party apps.

  • Your Old Android Phones are No More Obsolete:

Here’s the good news for all the users of android phones who are still struck up in the older versions of android like Honeycomb or other previous versions. The Kit Kat will have wider hardware support which means upgrading to this new OS will have fewer requirements unlike Jellybean.

What Is New In Android 4.4 Kit Kat?

  • Smoother Screen Orientation:

This may sound as a simple change or addition but this will improve the overall user experience since the screen orientation from portrait to landscape and vice-versa would not be an erratic and bumpy act anymore.

  • The Name Has It All:

Last but not least, the name Kit Kat itself is very melting and so is the tie-up with the food confectionary Nestle. Google having a tie-up with food confectionary like Nestle is a major event to wait for.

These are the new additions that are making us hungry for the new Android 4.4 Kit Kat.