What Is Datificaion and How Helpful Is It?

We live in a very modern world where things constantly change and develop. This makes it easier to predict things and makes work easier for everyone. ERP cloud computing & hosting by Syntax will give you a short explanation about how these things work.

What Is Datificaion and How Helpful Is It?

Experts predict the spreading of viruses and it is our duty to protect our computers and keep the data safe.

Although there are quite a lot of expert opinions that show the more unorganized big data is, the better and more accurate trends will be accepted. However, when it comes to small businessesundoubtedly one of the biggest problems is a lack of proper organization of these data, the lack of resources and having sufficient knowledge of mathematical models and techniques.

Everything is somehow related to your company/ organizationand it will be a great resource for your business. So,the systems for managing documents, employees, potential employees, social networks, suppliers, marketing, questionnaires and surveys, contact forms, key performance indicators, sales team, billing system, system sales, emails, government websites, official journal, search engines will be of a great help for the whole company.

The ability of today’s businesses to collect all this information stored in a suitable form and analyzed with a help of technological process is a key factor for success. But on the other hand we should still be happy that today we own a technology for this purpose and it is not expensive and it is available to small businesses too. Everyone can afford to follow technology and use the latest business trends.

First of all, we must be happy that the process of digitization is already in the final stage, which is why a lot of data such as images, books, newspapers have already been digitized. But digitized does not mean understandable only to computers. Therefore, there is a largely known process called datification or process that includes all this information to be understood by computers.

So images can be understandable through labels and text recognition if there is OCR technology in them. For example, everyone wondered why Google has invested so much money in Google Books although now we clearly see what they did. We all know that Google Translate was not a great option at the beginning, but day by day it is getting better than the commercial products, and that is mainly because they have thousands of language experts who work every day to make this tool better.

Now that you know where your data is stored, what can you do with it? Simple, use it. The value of data depends on how much it is used. If you don’t use certain data to make decisions or to improve the performance of the company, that data has very low value. You need to make comparison in order to get to a quality knowledge which will have a real value for you as an entrepreneur and the whole company too.