Ways VPS Hosting Can Be Beneficial For Your Business










VPS has become the most popularly used hosting solution for small and medium sized organizations.  It stands for “Virtual Private Server”. This solution efficiently bridges the gap between the restrictions of shared hosting and the flexibility offered by dedicated server hosting.

How is a VPS created?

A VPS is created with the help of a virtualization software that creates partitions in a single physical server. This results in the formation of multiple servers in it.  Each of these virtual servers is fully independent of its neighbors. It works as an actual networked server.

The basic reason behind popularity of a VPS hosting is that it offers full control at a level same to a dedicated server and at an affordable price. HostiServer is a trusted and renowned company that offers managed web hosting solutions to its users.



In VPS, the traffic as well as activities of other VPS customers won’t adversely impact your operation. This is not the case in shared hosting.


In VPS, users have their own allotment of resources. It enables you as well as your visitors to enjoy rapid load times.

Dedicated Resources

VPS hosting offers you with more amount of disk space, RAM and CPU.


You have the liberty to select the OS and software that you wish to install on the server.

Features of VPS

The services and features of VPS hosting vary on the basis of the provider.  Although the ones you will require depends on your personal requirements, there are some features that you need to watch out:

Root Access:

Root access will provide you complete control over your existing VPS account from configurations of the software to its installation.  All of these actions can be efficiently handled from the interface of the control panel application.

Management and Support:

Similar to a dedicated hosting account, Virtual Private Server (VPS) enables users to manage their own server efficiently.  However, there are a few firms that offer management and support services to help in the administrative tasks.  This feature of VPS is invaluable if you do not possess much needed technical proficiency. A VPS service helps in efficient management of data backups too.

Server Monitoring:

A reliable VPS provider actively monitors its hardware, network and your account.  This enhances the server’s physical security and aids in defending against virtual threats like malicious software, hackers, and DDoS attacks.

Multiple Domain Hosting:

Though shared hosts provide multiple domain hosting, many of them don’t provide adequate resources to do so. Many of the VPS providers allow to host several websites without degrading the overall performance.  In several cases, you can even establish separate email accounts and assign specific resources for each of the individual websites.


VPS hosting provides an affordable method to get several features, control, resources, and flexibility of an expensive and complicated dedicated server.  With the technology becoming popular day by day, prices are reducing quickly. This assures that you can get a trusted VPS solution that fulfills your hosting requirements effectively.