Vital Responsibilities Of A Social Media Manager

Vital Responsibilities Of A Social Media Manager

Everyone considers themselves to be a social media manager, just because they have some knowledge about social media platforms, they are equipped with the tools of some of those platforms and hence, think of themselves to be nothing less than a social media manager. This is not the case; a social media manager is something who holds particular amount of skills and expertise regarding social media platforms. There are different kinds of expectations when it comes to a social media manager. Here’s a list of things that social media managers do, rather than just commenting and liking posts on social media.

Creating A Social Media Strategy:

This is something very important when we talk about producing 100% results for businesses in terms o marketing. It’s very important to focus on the right channels and activities to create user personas for achieving desired goals. Here are steps listed on how to start with it.

  • Creating Social Media Strategy:
    This is deciding on the goals of social media which you want to achieve and strategies on how to get there.
  • Budgeting The Social Media Campaigns:
    You need decide on how much you are willing to spend and on which are the resources are you willing to spend.
  • Working With Internal Stakeholders:
    There are times when businesses need to prove that their investments would generate proper returns for the business.
  • Plan The Campaigns:
    When everything else is in place, start to plan the phase of execution.

Implementation Of Social Media:

When the strategy has been planned and executed also, we come further to this stage. This is where you need to measure the results, whether sales have increased or not. It is basically the evaluation of your performance. Here are certain ways through which you could evaluate your performance.

  • Manage Day To Day Activities On Social Media Campaigns:

Keep a track record of results and keep all the communication channels open, to deal with customers, issues which may arise in a social media marketing environment.

  • Brand Advocacy:

Influencer marketing is very popular these days, so you also need to find bloggers to work with and build brand ambassadors for your business.

  • Manage Your Presence In Social Networking Sites

This involves posting new content, sharing blogs, posts and articles that attract the audience, influencers, fans and competitors.

Content Creation For Social Media:

  • Put Content Into Social Media:
    Put content into places where it has a chance to get viral. Never do the mistake of posting content on social profiles.
  • Upload Videos:
    Youtube and Facebook are two of the best platforms to upload videos and make visual content to attract viewers.
  • Write Editorial Content:
    It is important to write every single day. Create content that is unique and has not been created previously.

Monitor Your Social Media Platforms:

When everything else is sorted out, it is the time to start monitor on what is happening. You can do this by

  1. Analyzing the social media campaigns and strategies.
  2. Look at the trends on social media.
  3. Monitor the activities of your competitors.
  4. Understand on how social media generates traffic.
  5. Report on effective campaigns held by social media managers.