Web Design Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Web Design Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

If you have always been a curious child, I am sure you always wanted to check out the web design process rather than being dazzled by a site’s outward appearance. Very few people care as to what goes down in the background but since you are here and it would be wrong of me to keep you waiting.

Let’s find out some of the surprising facts of the web design world.

Web Design Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Web Browsers Render Websites Differently:

When you view the site on Google Chrome from your PC, the site appears different but when the same site is viewed in Firefox on your tablet, it looks and feels different, ever wondered why? It is because all web browsers parse and render (translate code and display on the screen, respectively) differently.

Sometimes browsers will load the code in a certain order and sometimes it will not recognize it all together. So if you are interested in creating a great website it can get a bit tricky for you due to the difference in browsers.

Don’t worry, you can always seek the help of professional web developers to do the job for you. In addition, these experts make sure compatibility testing of your site across several browsers, identifying issues therein and subsequently setting them straight.

Design Dictates Where Users Will Focus On Your Website:

The internet has changed the game forever. Reading habits are not the same anymore. Websites housing a clear and a scannable layout are more likely to be read by visitors than those which are cluttered. What good is a design if the user cannot find the desired content in a few steps or more rightly called, clicks?

So the focus should be on improving the site’s usability and web designers try to achieve that analytic tools to figure which buttons or links are more popular or most visited on their website. This enables them to work on those areas to constantly enhance (UX) user experience.

A Two-Year-Old Website May Be Too Old:

Another aspect where web designers need to keep up is rapidly changing technology. Since the mediums; web browsers and devices are continually changing, it is imperative that the websites are designed/developed in a way that reflects the change.

The idea way to do is by staying on top of latest in the coding, browser compatibility updates, and search engine processes. A website which is obsolete has the chance of not displaying correctly in web browsers or on device screens. The problems could be in terms of formatting or lack of show up in search engine results.

Website’s Code Helps It To Appeal To Search Engines:

The site is futile if it does not have the audience to view it. It may be the best out there by being visually stunning but is it any good if the site doesn’t show up in Google or other search engine results?

Therefore, web developers strive to ensure that the site is coded well which enables the audience to find it when they type in certain keywords on the search engine that your site deals in. Your code is also responsible for how the site lists on any search engine and what little info about your website appears below the title.

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