Ways in Which Social Media Profiles Can Be Optimized

There was a time when the sole focus of online marketers was on search engine optimization, and they only considered the search related factors for optimization. Then came social media, which initially had no relation with SEO, but after its worldwide success and dominance, it became an integral part of the search optimization process.

Every internet marketing agency knows the importance of social media in the online world of today. No online marketing strategy is complete without considering the social media optimization part in it. Past years show the increasing acceptance of social media by search engines.

  • Google introduced iGoogle
  • Google then introduced the Google Friend Connect feature
  • Google Wave gets introduced
  • Google brings about the Real Time Search feature
  • The platform of Buzz introduced by Google
  • Search engine Bing integrates itself with Facebook
  • Google ends its relation with Twitter and introduces Google+.

Social Media Optimization:

Optimization of social platform is a core objective of social media marketing. Some of the ways in which you can optimize social media platforms are given below.

1. Author Highlighting:

Its all about receiving authority and props from Google, which can be done by implementation of rel=author feature. It can be done by following the below given steps:

  • Link to the author page of the blog, from the author name in the blog post, on the link, then add rel=author.
  • Create a link of your Google+ profile on the author page, with the tag link, rel=me.
  • Create a link of your author page of blog on your Google+ page.

2. Establishing Social Authority in Google:

Factors that contribute to attainment of authority in eyes of Google are:

  • The number of comments and replies
  • Manual vs. automation
  • Relevancy of the messages on your platform

You can gain authority by:

  • Minimal automation
  • Build association with people who will share your content
  • Mix your sharing, and never over expose your message.
  • Remember to include the keywords in your content, and include them in every piece of content you share.

3. Facebook Optimization:

You can optimize your Facebook profile by updating your status regularly, inspecting your page elements, and inserting your target keywords in to your sharing, so that Google recognizes them.

4. Google+ Optimization:

Google+ the brainchild of Google can be optimized in the following way:

  • Every post you publish as a public post will show up in SERPs
  • Link to other profiles within Google+
  • Keep your content fresh
  • Optimize your content in every field, whether it is article, images, or videos.
  • Understand that content is the king in Google+, the more well the content is, the more optimized your Google+ profile will be


In short, no online marketing process could succeed without considering social media, and the above-mentioned points can help in optimization of your social media profiles.