USB Flash Drive: Known For Its Huge Data Storage Capability & Extreme Portability

You will, probably, agree with us that USB flash devices are the most common storage devices which are in use. They are excellent devices to store huge amount of data, along with great portability. These devices are equipped with flash memory, which makes it feasible for a user to erase and write any number of files, pictures or videos onto it, by few clicks and drags.

Initially, these devices were way beyond expensive but, gradually the price has become affordable with variety of storage capacities. Flash drives are connected to PCs using USB ports of the system. The reasons being, the ease of connection using USB ports and USB ports supply required power needed for the proper functioning of these devices.

How do I copy the desired files to the USB drive?

USB devices are meant to be “Plug & Play”, that means you need not install any device driver before using it. The drivers are built-in with the Operating Systems, once you insert the device into the USB port, your device will be recognized by your System, the drives which are usually, mounted on ‘My Computer” are named either ‘F drive’ or ‘G drive’. Once the device is auto-detected, a list of files and folders pop-up which you can open to view the files. You can copy the content from USB drive to any location of your hard drive.

You can, also copy any required content of your PC to the USB drive, then carry it anywhere you’re traveling, by putting it into your pocket or bag. These devices make your files easily accessible, irrespective of the location.

Once you’re done using the USB device, make sure that you get it ejected from the PC in a proper manner. It is done by double-clicking on the arrowed-icon of green color, near the clock on the task bar. Click on ‘Stop’ to turn off the power supply to the USB drive before removing it, to prevent any power short. USB device enables you to access files from one PC in any other PC.

Next time while travelling, you can carry a small USB flash drive instead of a huge laptop.

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