Does Your Laptop Turn Off Often? Temperature Monitoring, May be a Solution.

            Heating up of fans could be a threat to your desktop or laptop, the system may heat up because of unavoidable dust over the fan. Desktops get rid of this issue easily, as the fan lies in the processor, it can be easily opened and cleaned. But, the problem is critical when it comes to laptop, the circuitry of laptop is quite compact, with few fans and smaller vents to let the heat escape.

Does your laptop turns off frequently, when you’re in the middle of a task? It may put you off with a notion that it is time for you to buy a new laptop. But, it is not always so, the problem may be with the fan of the laptop. The fan might be dirty or crumbs falling on the keyboard might have blocked the vents through which heat is supposed to escape. That is then, when you have to clean the fan, which is always better when a technician does it.

Why does the laptop heat up?

When you turn on the laptop to work with your daily files or programs, it is usually at room temperature. Eventually, processor gets loaded with many programs which heat up the system, and if the heat doesn’t find any way to escape then, processor takes the initiative to turn it down automatically.

The advanced features of new generation laptops and large games demand the processor to run at a high speed, which is why processor gets heated up quite frequently.

Keep one thing in mind, cleaner is the fan, cooler air will be circulated. You need to monitor the temperature of laptop on a regular basis, so that your machine works properly.

How do I monitor the temperature of my laptop?

Usually, laptops come with built-in temperature sensors, using which you can find out the temperature of your laptop. If this is not possible in your laptop, you can always download software which reads the temperature of the laptop. According to the temperature reading, you can take measures to safeguard your laptop.

If your laptop shuts down frequently, it is not always necessary that it is worn out. It can be that, the fan or vent requires cleaning.

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