Traffic Received Via Blogging And Search Engine And Ways of Increasing It

Every business establishment, whether its in the traditional marketing, or the online market, wants to grow. In traditional market, the number of customers is regarded as the criteria for growth, whereas in online market, it’s the traffic a website brings that can be regarded as growth indicator.

When it comes to the generation of traffic, the web marketing services providers come up with two mediums of increasing the traffic. The lines below discuss the two mediums of increasing traffic, and the ways in which the traffic could be generated out of these mediums.

1. Blogging:

The first way of increasing the traffic towards a website is by blogging. Blog is a very effective tool when it comes to traffic generation, however, the magnitude of the traffic generated via blog would be less compared to the means discussed later on.

The purpose of blogging should be to inform people and provide them with quality information. Therefore, the blogger must focus on quality of information and forget about the use of keywords, or link building. The more information gets spread; the traffic would automatically flow towards the blog. Therefore,

  • When blogging do not directly go for link building no matter how tempting it seems.
  • The factor of traffic from search engines is of secondary importance, as it requires a lot of time and patience.
  • The sole focus should be on providing quality information to build the followers, once that is built, more followers would automatically gather around the blog and start visiting it frequently.

Newsletter- Having an email newsletter list, and shooting out newsletter to all the existing subscribers can lead to greater accumulation of traffic via blogging. By sending newsletters to the subscribers on daily basis makes them stay in touch with the blog, moreover, the subscribers can also forward the newsletter to other people and refer them to the website.

2. Search Engine Traffic:

Traffic via blogging is elementary traffic; where as the traffic brought from search engine is far greater in its magnitude. In blogging the content is created out of interest, whereas, to receive greater traffic the content needs to be created by keeping the searchers in mind. A search engine optimization services provider would recommend the following ways to increase the traffic from search engines.

  • Firstly, to gain traffic there should be ever green content on the blog of the website. The ever green content goes on attracting traffic from the search engine without any need of modification. Therefore, by identifying evergreen topics pertaining to niche, the content should be created.
  • Secondly, make sure that the content you have created is genuine and of quality. Only quality content can guarantee greater traffic.
  • Thirdly, apply the necessary webmaster tools and make your content crawl able so that it appears in search engine results.
  • Fourthly, try searching the most appropriate keywords. The more appropriate the keywords pertaining to the niche the more traffic would they gather and the followers would be regular followers.


In a nutshell, traffic is the major indicator of the growth of a business online. However, when it comes to the level of traffic it has two main levels which differ in number, but with the passage of time the number could be increased of the former by following above mentioned details.