Top 5 Social Media Marketing For Online

For anyone with a web presence, web marketing is obviously a major key to success. Before social marketing, website owners were required to participate in economic and impersonal exchange programs or other banners made by expensive advertising agencies. In both cases, the ROI is negligible.

Suddenly, the e-marketing became as easy as clicking the “Like” button or accept and capture a new “friend”. The website owners and marketers of the site were pleasantly surprised to discover that they could create a simple but effective marketing campaign moderately and on their own. To maximize success, however, you may want to inquire about the number of web marketing companies or industry professionals. Having someone with experience in creating the framework of a marketing campaign can be the difference between a moderate success and phenomenal success.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing For Online

The top 5 social media ranked as the time spent on each site:

  • Facebook

This site is the king of all media. Users spent a total of 53 billion minutes on Facebook last year. The nearest competitor, Blogger, was only 723,000 minutes. A simple ‘Post’ on Facebook can be shared by hundreds or even thousands of “friends” on Facebook.

  • Blogger

This site provides a platform that helps users to create their own personal blog. It is basically a public journal for amateur writers. Blogger has captured a niche market and has helped users to profit, providing pretty decent results in search engines.

  • Tumblr

This social network is more concentrated in the ‘middle’ of the media. Based on the notion of “content is king”, Tumblr allows its registered users to add news articles, blogs or other websites to database Tumblr. From there, readers can share a link or write comments.

  • Twitter

While Blogger and Tumblr contain full articles, Twitter tweets strictly limited to 140 characters. By keeping short notice, Twitter has become a favorite of celebrities and industry news. Furthermore, while numbers seem to be slowing Facebook, Twitter users are increasing.

  • LinkedIn

While the four social media sites are oriented to social interaction, LinkedIn has found its niche in the professional community. Most professionals admit that networking is everything, regardless of the industry they’re in is specialized in business information. LinkedIn has become a meeting place online for co-workers, potential employers and future B2B customers.

Social media is a great place to launch a web marketing campaign. And do it in one of these five sites would be a great place to start.