Top 10 Awesome Tips To Save Time For Busy Bloggers

Top 10 Awesome Tips To Save Time For Busy Bloggers

Whatever your reasons are for blogging, whether for business or personal reasons; creating content can surely eat up most of your time.  It will need a significant amount of time and effort most especially in researching the niche.

The solution is not to publish content with low quality. Instead of sacrificing the quality, one needs to develop and follow blogging tips that will help save time and effort.

In spite of having busy schedules and tight deadlines, bloggers will still be able to manage their time if only they apply these tips:

Top 10 Awesome Tips To Save Time For Busy Bloggers

 1) Store Up Raw Ideas

Ideas will just pop up anytime. It is important to take note of things that could be a topic for the next blogs. Carry a notepad or install note apps on your phone. Jot down ideas that come to mind. Get back to these later and write a good content.

 2) Make a Content Plan

This will help track all the posts you had and monitor the publish dates of each. This way, you’ll become more productive and consistent in writing and publishing your blog content and increase your google places rank.

 3) Make an Outline

After creating the title and the introduction, you need to make an outline. Create a heading, subheading and itemized all the details. In this way, you will already see the flow of the content. This will make writing easier to finish.

 4) Set a Schedule to Write

The best time for others to write is during night that is when everyone’s asleep so there’s no distraction. Decide on the most convenient time when you can write. Anytime that you think you’ll be more productive and make it a habit.

 5) Set the Timer

Before writing, set the timer which you think is enough to finish the task. Follow that deadline. This is one way of motivating and disciplining yourself.

 6) Get Rid of Distractions

Also, make sure to remove all distractions that will hinder you from finishing any task.

This way, you’ll be focused only on what you’re doing. Make no excuses, if you want to finish the task you need to have discipline.

 7) Proofread

Finish your writing before editing. It will be easier if focus is given one at a time. Start to write first, let your ideas flow. After that, perform any grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checking.

 8) Fact Checking and Adding Tags & Images

After editing, it is time to perform fact check, insert meta tags and desired images.

 9) Make a Back Up Strategy

A back up plan is always applicable to anything, even with blogging. Most especially there are lots of malwares and hackers online.  If you do not know to make a backup for your blog, seek assistance from a professional.

 10) Use Google Analytics

If you want to determine which of your blog posts are well shared and liked by readers, there is no time to guess. Make use of Google Analytics. This will give you reliable results and eliminate excessive work.

If you’re a blogger, you must know how to manage your work. When you save time, you’ll produce more quality work, have more chances to promote your articles and be able to spend more time in commenting to other bloggers.