Tips To Sell Your Old Mobile Phone Online

New phones arrive in the market everyday, promising superior quality and unparalleled specs making your phone look ancient! You give in to the temptation of buying a new phone but what do you do with the one on your hands? The most sensible option is to sell your used mobile. If you are not sure if there is a market for refurbished phones in India, you are in for a surprise!

A number of factors affect the sale of your phone like the model, the make and the condition of the phone etc., so what should you do to sell your old mobile?

Wipe your phone clean. Backup all the data that you need before you restore your phone to the original state. Also ensure that none of your accounts are tied to the phone. You have the master reset or restore options on most phones. Reset your phone at least twice so that the data cannot be retrieved.

  • You can register on an online portal to sell your phone. Ideally, the online ad will require you to post the picture of the gadget you wish to put up for sale. It is best if you clean your phone and prep it up for the picture. Use quality photos taken from several angles. Your phone has to look its best!
  • Provide as much information as you can, so potential buyers know exactly what you are selling! When it comes to used mobile phones, buyers want as much details as they can get. It is not just the brand name and the model that matters, buyers also want to know if any carrier can unlock the phone or is it carrier locked.
  • Most portals require you to provide a detailed description about your phone. List the cosmetic condition of the phone and the functional specifications of the model. Provide an honest and detailed description. Don’t forget to list the accessories like the charger, data cable, headphones, SD card etc., that you wish to give away with the gadget.
  • Decide on your payment option. Follow the instructions on the site and use a secure channel for payment. Be cautious about the response you get on the site as some may be fraudulent.

However, all this takes some time and effort on your part, and you may have to wait for some time before you find a buyer. What if you want to sell quickly and with minimum effort?

You can take the easiest option: Sell it to a reputed online dealer like They check your phone thoroughly; in fact their rigorous checking process ensures that only the best get selected.

Once satisfied, they will pay you a fair price for your device. If your phone does have any problems that can be fixed, they will get it done, and the revamped device is sold online. You don’t have to worry about providing information, or finding a customer,  or taking pictures – any of it. However, it would be wise to wipe all of your personal information and apps from the device before you sell it to them. If you have all the accessories intact, you are of course likely to get a better price.

Do you want to sell your used smartphone, laptop or tablet online for a good price? Just visit for details.