Tips For Preparing For A Successful Job Search

South African candidates are fast becoming aware of sites like to enrich their job search and improve the possibility of finding their ideal job. Zigojobs portal uses the principles of big data to consolidate jobs available in South Africa from a range of sources. The site primarily operates in South Africa, the UK and USA so it’s an ideal place to begin looking for work if you an international candidate and your ideal job is overseas.

If you are looking for a new job, it is imperative to evaluate your current situation and what you desire from a future position. The idea is to ensure that you don’t apply to a job you either under-qualify for or over-qualify for. You also need to evaluate your skills set and visit recruitment websites like Zigo to ensure that your qualifications are up to date. After taking an inventory of your skills and experience, you can begin to reach out to other workers in similar industries through social network groups. For instance, you can find a career support in your area or you can even start your own.

Once you have decided on where to apply to jobs, be sure to present yourself efficiently on paper through a clean, clear and concise resume or CV. This is the first impression the employer has of you before they meet you. The second impression is in the interview where you should dress accordingly, practice with your peers on how you will present yourself at the interview.

Lastly, if a job sounds too good to be true then it probably is, especially if they require a fee upfront; there is no online recruitment portal in South Africa that asks for money upfront from a candidate seeking employment. Employment scams in South Africa are becoming a common trend and it’s very important to simply read an advert carefully to make sure that the company is real by conducting online research.