The Importance and Types of Monitoring Software

With each passing day technology especially communication based ones, becomes increasingly pervasive. It has permeated into every sphere of our life thereby often blurring the distinction between the public and private or professional and personal. On the one hand, this has led to various positive outcomes e.g. on the professional front our productivity has increased by leaps and bounds, while on the personal level, we are able to maintain contact with all those friends and family members who are thousands of miles away from us.

But, along with the several boons internet and phone technology has brought us, many evils have also crept into our private space. Cyber bullying on popular social networking sites, stalkers, hackers, identity thieves, scammers etc. can easily creep into anybody’s personal life with or without notice. This becomes increasingly worrisome when children are involved. Children today, especially those in their early teens are gradually becoming some of the biggest technology consumers. In such a scenario, it often becomes crucial that their activity be monitored and regulated, in order to protect them from all of the above mentioned risks.

But how do you do this?

Children often intentionally or non-intentionally do not divulge crucial details of their communications and use of technology, like- what they watch, or who contacts them etc. At such a time, our best bet is to try and monitor their usage in an undetected and passive manner. For this purpose, a variety of monitoring software has been evolved by companies like Retina X Studios, a monitoring software company.

Monitoring software

These are software which allows you to monitor activities carried on in particular devices, like PCs, Notepads, Smartphones etc. You can observe all online activities as well as outgoing or incoming call and text messages, with the help of these softwares. Owing to its nature, these are also known as parental control software.


Broadly these are of four kinds:

  • Computer monitoring – As computers are often shared between people including employers and employees, these software allow all computer related activities to be recorded and accessed either remotely or otherwise.
  • Mobile phone monitoring – As mentioned above, children may misuse their phone privileges or there might be unwanted callers disturbing/harming them. Software of this variety allows you to keep a tab on all of their telephonic or SMS related activities.
  • Tablet monitoring –This works along the lines of the computer monitoring program, as it allows access to web history, emails, GPS locations, photos etc. from an internet enabled remote computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Networking monitoring – This software goes a step further, and is most useful in offices and corporations. Every device placed in a particular can be monitored – all inclusive text logs of chat conversations, keystrokes typed, websites and browsers accessed, social media visits etc. This is very important, as the computers are either in the company’s or the employer’s name, so if any kind of illegal activities are conducted through it, it would be the owner’s or brand’s name suffering.

Therefore, to ensure that all negative effects of technology are filtered out, it is very important to pick a proper software of this kind. You can choose either companies specialized in a particular kind or an all encompassing source like Retina X Studios, a monitoring software company i.e. which provides all types of software, depending on your needs.