Spreadsheet Software: 8 Best Free Alternatives To Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet Software: 8 Best Free Alternatives To Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is no doubt one of the best worksheet programs but free spreadsheet software beats it in costs. Excel is part of the Microsoft Office package and the price surely hurts small businesses’ budget.

Instead of forcing you to go back in the past and use a ledger book for accounting, we give you the best alternatives currently available. Here are 10 free applications you can choose from:

8. Apache OpenOffice

OpenOffice is a package offering several processing tools including Calc, the spreadsheet application of the bundle.

It has similar interface to MS Excel, allowing migrating users to quickly adapt. There is a global community filled with volunteers to help new users at no cost. It’s totally free and you can distribute the software without buying a license.

7. Kingsoft Office Free

This bundled processing tool includes a powerful and flexible spreadsheet app. The worksheet program allows switching between old and new interfaces so you can use the template you’re comfortable with.

It has built-in PDF converter, allowing you to instantly save your file in PDF format. The software is completely free but you can also choose the licensed version for additional features.

6. Gnumeric

Gnumeric has all functions of MS Excel, allowing you to easily adapt with its toolbar, menus, and interface. It has tabulation tools to help you attach a worksheet in your email. It allows you to use different style functions such as borders, colors, fonts, horizontal alignments, vertical alignments, spanning, wrapping, and cell merging.

The software is free and there are specific versions designed for Windows users.

Spreadsheet Software: 8 Best Free Alternatives To Microsoft Excel

5. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is available in various languages and more languages are added as the program develops.

It features simple-to-use interface similar to that of MS Office 2007. The Calc app (LibreOffice’s spreadsheet software) has an integrated system to help you enter complicated formulas. Download it for free without worrying about annual license renewal.

4. IBM Lotus Symphony

Lotus Symphony has 3 components: presentation, spreadsheet, and word processor. It gives you one interface where you can quickly access all 3 built-in programs for different computing tasks.

The worksheet software has predesigned charts and common configuration for styles, allowing you to customize your workspace. It’s free to download online but direct support from IBM requires you to request for a quote.

3. ThinkFree Office

ThinkFree Office is completely compatible with MS Office applications. It has 3 processing programs: Write, Calc, and Show, depicting the 3 main programs of Microsoft.

Calc features all functions of Excel with advanced analytical functions for solving complicated operations. You need to buy a license for the full version but a free trial is available through the official website.

2. Zoho Sheet

Just like the Excel Web App, Zoho Sheet is a cloud-based worksheet processing tool. The spreadsheet application helps you edit, create, and publish your worksheet within your company’s personal cloud network. You can even provide permission for other users to update or edit the worksheets stored in your account.

Pricing varies depending on the account type but the free plan allows you to use a maximum of 5 GB storage.

1. Google Docs Spreadsheet

This program is included in Google’s cloud-based office suite. Unlike most alternative spreadsheet programs, Google Docs allows you to use gadgets for functions like data plotting and map creation within the workspace. It has data validation tool as well just like Excel.

There’s no download requirement and you only need to have Google account to access this software.

 Your Turn

Do you know other programs that have similar functions to MS Excel? Post your favorite free spreadsheet software on the comments section below.

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