Search Engine Optimization Trends that can Influence Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing has been one of the most critical aspects of marketing and advertising business in this ever-growing digital age. Same with the role of Search Engine Optimization or SEO in digital marketing. It plays a vital role in promoting business websites, guest articles, blog posts, and other content assets. And if you don’t follow the rules set by Google, you will not get the traffic for your website that you are expecting.

Successful marketers like Align Digital Marketing in Edmonton uses the latest algorithm and adjust the strategy based on the most recent update and make sure that the client’s contents will be visible on the search engine. To help you understand digital marketing, here are some of the latest SEO trends that successful companies use, that can make a huge impact this year.

Voice Search

Virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant can make a recommendation based on search result easily. Optimizing the product or website’s keywords as a conversational phrase can lead to long-tail keyword success. Traditionally, only the website that ranks number one in search result gets recommended, and getting the top spot is easier if you can match conversational phrasing keywords the right way.

Video Engagement

Video engagement has been one of the fastest growing trends this year. Video contents have become popular lately with the help of user-friendly social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), faster internet speed as well as the influx of good smartphones in the market today. Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, will recognize video engagement trends and reward businesses that appeal to its user preferences. If you analyze the pattern, you can see that video engagement will continue to improve.

Filtering Non-Credible Articles

Because of the onslaught of online and offline criticism, many businesses have faced problems for allowing fake articles and news. Scammers as well as content farms used the system and disguised themselves as a credible news media outfit. Search engines will scrutinize every content that is posted to prevent this kind of errors in the near future. Posting well-written articles are no longer enough, and credible sources should support materials.

Give structured snippets more importance

Search engines like Google give more importance to the delivery of information to their searchers and users, in the form of rankings, as quickly as possible. Now, search engines are delivering a large amount of data and information inside the SERPs using widgets and structured snippets. If your contents get top rank for high-volume search terms, you can now deliver that information to your users without them visiting your website.

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Mobile-first algorithm

Search Engine Optimization experts are now forced to adjust their strategies to coincide with the search engine’s mobile-first algorithm. The update last July is essential to review all mobile ranking and adapt the plan based on the site owner’s priorities. Take for example page speed; it is now officially confirmed that is now a factor in mobile rankings. It changed the way how Search Engine Optimization experts prioritize their contents and site updates.

Social Media Searches

In today’s world, people are more engaged in social media platforms like search engines compared to using real search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Although search engines are still the king, social media are starting to take over. As time goes by, contents will need to be optimized according to social media specifications using organic and paid targeting.

Influencer marketing
Because of the rise of YouTube and Facebook, some personalities gained a lot of attention and following among social media users. They are called social media influencers. Marketing using these influencers is on the rise and in some businesses, they are instrumental. Creating videos and conversing with their followers can get high-quality links quickly. It can help client’s website to rank better and market their product and services effectively. It is another factor for marketers to explore.

Quality over Quantity

For the longest time, Search Engine Optimization has been pushing for more contents to get better ranking. But ever since Google changed their algorithm, from more content links to quality links, the trend of SEO has changed. Although you can still post more content using link building brand authority, you need to post quality content and get quality links to rank for more competitive phrases. Posting short materials will not going to cut it.