Reasons Why You Should Go For Bulk Cat5e Plenum Cable

In an era of digitalization, networking is very essential, not just in the workplace, but at home too. The cable networking of various gadgets should be done cautiously and efficiently by the experts. All you need to do is to hire right professionals and they will accomplish the task in no time. However, when it comes to cables, you need to ensure that finest and latest cables are used in the networking. With constantly changing technology, new cables with different features are being introduced in the market and you need to keep a sharp eye on micro technical details while selecting them.

When you search on the internet, you will find mostly two famous cable types: cat5e and cat6. Both are used in creating LAN networks and both have their pros and cons.

Thanks to the internet, you can buy bulk cat5e plenum cable online too. All you need to do is to search for cable, compare prices and place an order and that is all. You can also read reviews on different online review portals too before choosing a right cable provider.

Reasons Why You Should Go For Bulk Cat5e Plenum Cable

Cat5e is preferred by network engineers across the globe due to various benefits it offers. In this post, we will discuss some of these benefits.

Identical capability and velocity of cat6:

Though cat6 has been introduced in the market for quite a long time, users still prefer cat5e as it offers same benefits and speed of cat6 at a better cost than the later one. For Ethernet use, cat5e is considered as a standard market choice. It has superior signal connectivity and integrity and rejects noise.

An improved version of cat5:

Cat5e is an improved and advanced version of cat5 cables and has some additional specifications that reduce electromagnetic interference. They are available as bulk cables and cat5e 1000ft cables and small cables. It is entirely dependent on the usage to which one to prefer. Nevertheless, users prefer bulk cat5e plenum cable over small and 1000ft cables.

Superior data transfer:

The main aim to develop cat5e cables was to give some additional benefits to the users compared to cat5 cables. One of the most important characteristics of cat5e is that it I suitable for Gigabit Ethernet with relatively low near-end crosstalk (NEXT) compared to cat5. also, the data transfer capacity is also increased to 1000 MBPS. In addition to that, cat5e also supports 000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet.

Best suitable for tailored network installation:

Cat5e bulk cable surpasses TIA/EIA 568-C performance of normal cat5e and is best suitable for custom networking projects. They are fast and offers utmost reliability. If you are looking for network installation of security, data, video, and voice, you should unquestionably choose cat5e bulk cables.

Available in different colors:

As per the home decoration, you can choose cat5e bulk cables available in different colors like blue, white, yellow and light grey. It will offer exceptional ambiance to the home and will look appealing and eye-pleasing.

Interconnectivity between workstations:

Another benefit of using cat5e in network installation is that it enables IT professionals to interconnect different servers, systems, and modules in a single network. If you have ended up purchasing patched cable, it will not be of good length and you will not be able to cover that much distance. Bulk cables, in general, serve the core purpose.

Cost effective cable available on the market:

One of the most lucrative benefits of using cat5e is that it is the cheapest cable options available in the market. If the cost is a worrisome factor for you to consider, you can always go with cat5e bulk cable without compromising on other factors like speed, reliability, and comfortability. You actually end up saving some money by choosing cat5e bulk cable.

Cat5e is a perfect bulk cable for you if you don’t have any additional special network requirements. You can visit, a company offering high quality and reliable Ethernet cables like cat5e at best price in the market. Vertex Cables has set a benchmark by offering superior bulk cables that are perfect for home or office custom network installations.