5 Best 32 inch TV to buy in 2019

The modern day technologies are bestowing the twenty-first-century population with new and better options every day when it comes to electronics. Televisions are a prominent sensation nowadays and they are advancing in terms of features, durability, image-quality, models and the list goes on. If you are looking for a thirty-two inches television anytime soon, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice. These television models are still popular when it comes to small room spaces, offices, and even kitchens.

A substantial percentage of individuals living in apartments choose to settle for the thirty-two inches televisions. However, there are more criterions attached to choosing the particularly-sized televisions. Starting from brands, prices, features to models, you will have to choose between multiple aspects. To make the task easier on your part, listed below are the top five 32 inch TV options that you can consider before you take the final decision.

  1. Mi 4C Pro 32 inch HD Android TV: There was a model introduced by MI SMART TV 4A.  The Mi 4C Pro 32 inch HD Android TV is the second 32 inch TV launched by the company.  It is a version that is more advanced when it comes to features and software than the earlier version. It is available in a comparatively affordable price which is approximately 14 k, as it is an Amazon exclusive TV. One of the most noticeable features of this particular model is that it comes with Google Android TV support and you can easily download certain applications from Google play store.
  1. Sony 32 inch HD Ready Smart LED TV: There is no doubt that Sony is one of the most reputed brands of all times. Hence any product launched by it would not bring any doubt in your mind.  Usually, the electronic products presented by the particular brand are slightly pricey but the 32 inch TV presented by Sony is an exception when it comes to price. It is available at ranges under 30k in India. If you are picky about aspects like picture quality, resolution, contrast and unique display settings, this would be a perfect choice for you.
  1. 32 inch TV: Samsung UN32N5300: This is another model that you can look forward to. If you are tight on budget, you can definitely settle for this. According to a recent survey, it is one of the most popular televisions that a substantial percentage of crowds are choosing. You will get it at a more cut-rate price if you buy it from reputed online purchasing sites rather than regular stores.
  1. LG 32 inch HD Ready Smart LED: This particular model really excels in terms of features and if you have a distinct taste for features, you can definitely go for this one. Starting from an excellent display, screen resolution, sound quality to active HDR support, this model advances in all detailed features. There are add-on features as well like multi HDR formats like HDR10 Pro, AI ThinQ, etc. These are all new technologies offered by LG.
  1. Panasonic 32 inch HD Ready Smart LED TV: The Panasonic 32 inch HD Ready Smart LED TV is one of the oldest and reputed brands that you can definitely count on. If you are really looking for good quality services, this one would be a great choice for you. It is available in a range of approximately twenty-five thousand. It offers a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels along with a sharp and brought display panel. The angles of view are appropriate as well and it is surpassing expectations of customers in terms of performance.

So, listed and described were some of the top television options that you can certainly consider to make your choice. Make sure you compare the features, prices and also look up for deals when you are purchasing your television online.