Property Management London: Extortionate Service Charge? There Is An Answer

Unhappy with what you are paying your property management London team or freeholder? You are not alone. Property managers earning hidden commission when they arrange insurance, unfair management costs, charges for work not done… Disputes over service charges have been on the increase nationally in recent years.

But it’s getting easier to find help if you want to get rid of your existing property manager – yes, you read right, you can replace them.

Property Management London: Extortionate Service Charge? There Is An Answer
The government, campaign groups… plenty of people are there to advise you, experts in London property management. It’s not a good thing to see leaseholders paying over the odds for what can often be shoddy service: inadequate maintenance, that door that’s been broken for months, the paintwork or water damage that needs seeing to, and countless other problems that your money should be being spent on.

It should be any property management London team’s goal n to get leaseholders out of these situations, and don’t charge you a penny until you are back in control. It’s all about ‘Right to Manage.’ We get at least 50% of the leaseholders to support the application and then we put you in charge of your property (our success rate is 100%).

Property managers look after things for you. Their block management service is geared to providing leaseholders with the best value for their service charge – our past successes have seen us lower the service charge even when we’ve increased the maintenance. It can save people thousands while looking after their properties better than ever before.

What’s more, property management take away all the stress. We deal with everything on your behalf, professionally and diplomatically. We want to get things done with the best service and least cost to you. That’s true of maintenance, cleaning and insurance. We’ll handle all the finance, accounts and correspondence to keep your life stress free.

It’s important to speak to experts when it comes to block management to secure the best value for clients, and discuss upfront fees.