Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Broken Garage Door

As your garage door ages, it begins to show signs of its age and the wear can be unsightly. The damage to parts from the wear of garage doors also makes them hazards that need to be repaired in your home. When you pull into the driveway or spend time in the backyard, you might notice your broken garage door. However, as soon as you go inside, you may forget that the issue even exists. While ignoring a broken garage door is easy, it’s important to consider the reasons to get repairs done. You may want to repair the damage, add safety systems, and renovate doors to make them look new again. Here are some tips for repairing and renovating garage doors that have become an eyesore and hazard to your home.

Growing Problems

At the moment, the damage to the door might not be that bad. For example, you may simply need to get a new torsion spring installed. Many garage door springs will deteriorate over time. Damaged springs can cause garage doors to suddenly fall.

However, as the months and years go on, the problems could grow worse. Some people avoid getting repairs to their garage doors because of the perceived costs. Allowing the problem to get worse, though, could mean more money has to be spent later.

Minor fading, scratches, and dents in garage doors can lead to serious problems. With metal door sections, the finish is often baked on during manufacturing, and these materials are vulnerable to chips, which can cause problems with decay over time. Wood materials are vulnerable to damage when the paint begins to wear, and wood is exposed to the elements. It is important to paint wood doors every few years to prevent rot, and with any materials, you want to watch for damage to the surface of finishes. When you see scratches and chips, touch up the paint when needed to prevent minor problems from getting bigger.

Weather Issues

Garage doors could be made of various materials that are vulnerable to rot and decay. The rot of wood and particle-board materials is a common problem with old garage door sections, which may require the complete replacement of all the panels in damaged sections or a complete garage door replacement. Other materials that are vulnerable to decay include metal doors, which are especially vulnerable when finishes have been chipped or scratched. For example, rain might get in through the cracks, leading to problems with mold growth in the garage. A powerful wind storm could rip an already weak door right off the frame. If there’s a heating or cooling system in the garage, the broken door could cause problems with maintaining the desired temperature. It is important to routinely check your garage doors for minor damage to paint or finishes, especially close to the edges and in areas where the door meets the ground.

The garage door itself is not the only area that may need repairs when restoring an old and damaged door. The openings of garage doors are often finished with a wood casing and trim materials that neatly frame the opening. These materials are especially vulnerable to damage from weathering and water that can cause the wood to rot. When doing renovations to your garage door, you may also want to check the casing materials for damage and do any repairs if they are needed. Wrapping garage door casings in metal fascia and caulking all the cracks can help prevent this type of damage.

Safety Hazards

Leaving a broken garage door to fester could create significant safety issues. The garage door could fall on someone, leading to serious injury or death. Someone could get a finger stuck in the door. A door with a problematic lock could trap a person in the garage during a major heat wave. Broken glass on a door could lead to dangerous wounds or other injuries. Modern garage doors have safety systems to prevent the door from closing on people, pets, or objects by accident. There is also a manual release cord for garage door openers to allow you to disconnect the chain or belt of an opener when it malfunctions. If you have an older door with outdated safety technology, it is probably time to have it upgraded by a professional garage door service. In addition, you want to do routine safety inspections of the equipment to ensure it is working properly and not a hazard.

Security Concerns

If the garage door is broken, intruders are more likely able to get in. You might store some expensive items in your garage. Also, your garage could be attached to your house. If an intruder is able to break into the garage, this person is then one step closer to getting into your home. You might think that no one will know that your garage door is broken. However, some people walk around communities at night checking for broken garage doors.

These are some tips to help you restore a worn and damaged garage door and make it safe and attractive again. If you need help with repairs, maintenance, or installation of doors, contact a professional garage door service to give your door a new life. Initially, a broken garage door might not seem like that big of a problem. However, when you consider all of the dangerous situations that could arise, you may realize that now is the time to schedule the necessary repairs.