Professional Web Designers – 6 Effective Steps To Prime Your Web Design

Professional web designers often use priming as their advantage, especially if they understand why and how it works and how the different situations can call for various methods of priming. Priming is also described as the exposure to a certain stimulus that results in the activation of mental pathways. At the later stages, these pathways are very active and are much more easily accessible for a certain type of stimulus than the non-active ones. This results in the priming effect.

Example of this effect can be seen in the television commercials. Watching the televised advertising results in different mental pathways, and these pathways often provide link to different positive memories. This is exactly the same reason for which the ad designers are paid for.

Priming does not mean that you should force your decision on the customers, instead you can use it as a way for supporting the decision. Primes can be used for guiding your customer and it can also support the decision through the website design that includes the following:


Colors represent different meanings and they can be used for the prime emotions. It is possible to color only the background or some specific elements like content areas or button. Be aware of the target group and their understanding of emotions and colors that they elicit.


Text is also used as prime. Do include the right wordings of your menu items in the content and there is a chance for building a nice story around it. When customers look around the site, prime will lead the thoughts back to story.


Metaphors refer to information that can help your customers in making a decision. For example, imagine that you can try to sell out the vacation trips. You can use the metaphor of a shell for triggering positive emotions like beach, sun, palm trees, waves and relaxation etc.


You can use pictures for priming your customers. Images play an important role in developing best website design. These pictures can be in the background or a central element of your webpage. You can prime the emotions that come along with your customers. These pictures are used in the center of your web page or they can be applied in the background as well. You can prime the emotions that come with the purchase of your product.


You can use videos to prime the whole process of actions. Showing the sign-up process alongwith different steps involved will make it much easier for the customers for signing up. Different memories that are associated with sign up process will be quite accessible for making the right choice. When your customer sees the sign up button, the process of signing up will be much more accessible to all of them than it would without them.


In order to prime any action, do include audio in your website. Such actions will increase the interest of customers. Do make sure to tell your customer what to do and what not to do, also give them certain idea. Do make sure that you pay attention to atmosphere on your website.